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Last Days of Summer

Everyone leaves the bonfire and the roomies put the fire out -- a symbol of the end of their time here. The whole gang works the final shift at the Shore Store, and Danny tells them he's fighting back tears. "Tears of joy." Pauly says he's going to miss this job, because he loves Danny and is sick at pressing shirts! They tell Danny all the gross things they've done to his house and Danny says he'll miss everyone, but Mike drives him nuts. Danny yells across the store at Mike for not working hard enough, and Mike says he won't miss being yelled at. They all say goodbye, and Snooki says maybe Lorenzo will work at the Shore Store when he's old enough to work. Dream big, Mama.

Sam and Jenni go tanning and Paula's left some cakes with the blondes on duty and a note for Mike for his birthday. Jenni and Sam think Paula's crazy for giving Mike cake after he humiliated her. But they take the cakes home anyway. They get home with the cakes and give them to Mike. He can't believe they're from Paula. Vinny swipes the card, as Pauly says that Mike can do anything to that girl. Her card says that even though he can be a douche, she still loves him. JK. Vinny is wise enough to know her JK is not really a JK and he tells Mike he wouldn't eat that shit. Pauly says he wouldn't either, but he's going to. Ron says he doesn't think it's a good idea to have any cake given to him by a stranger or an ex-girlfriend he just shit on. Mike and Pauly chow down. Mike thinks it's a sweet gesture, "Besides, how are you going to poison the guy she wants to be with?"

Later, Pauly and Vinny decide to get Sam back for her prank of locking them on the deck for two minutes without them realizing it. So they take her bed, which is an air mattress apparently, to the deck. However, on the way up the stairs, Vinny pops a hole in the air mattress, which is an epic prank war fail. So they put it back in her bed and pretend they didn't touch it. They know Ron's going to be pissed. When Sam and Ron get back, Pauly tells Ron he looks tired and should get some rest. They see their bed is flat, so Ron starts the airpump, but it's not working. Ron says, "It's not getting harder, Sam." And Sam bounces on it, and says, "It's hard. It's hard." That's what she said. Ron is mad at Sam for pulling a prank on the guys in the first place. So Vinny thinks he might get off the hook, since Ron's mad at Sam. They bicker and fight and blame and yell as they try to fill the air mattress. Living together is going to go so well for them.

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