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Back upstairs, Ronnie rages on Sammi some more, bellowing that she should tell him what he did to make her turn on him. She responds like she doesn't know what he did, which makes no sense whatsoever and certainly doesn't quell Ronnie's anger. Pauly joins the confused eavesdroppers as Ronnie roars that he's done and leaves Sammi scrunching up her face to keep the tears from falling. Ronnie barrels downstairs. Pauly asks him if everything's all right. Ronnie responds, "Same bullshit, different day." Which is as apt a description of my job as any, thanks to the cracking producers who continue to find SamRo 2.0 compelling. Enough already!

Sammi weeps in a corner somewhere while Ronnie goes with Sitch to GTL and clear his mind. On the way, he says Sammi isn't the same girl he met and that he's having doubts about whether he wants to be with her anymore. As he takes out his aggression in the gym, Ronnie interviews that he's frustrated with Sammi pushing him away. He insists he hasn't done anything since Miami, and that she shouldn't be bringing old issues to this house. He thinks she needs to grow up, cut out the drama, and make her own decisions.

Meanwhile, Sammi, Snooki and Pauly report for duty at the T-shirt shop. Sammi takes the opportunity to apologize to Snooki for cutting her off last season. She acknowledges that she was completely wrong about Ronnie and that Snooki showed she was a good friend by stepping in to help Sammi. Snooki asks if Sammi is going to stay with Ronnie now that she knows the truth. Sammi says she doesn't know. She admits that she would have told Snooki to fuck off if the tables had been turned, which shows what a good person Snooki actually is. Snooki offers Sammi a shoulder to cry on no matter what happens, and they share a reconciliatory hug.

Back at the house, relationship troubles also plague JWOWW. She says that things have been rocky with Tommy ever since she forgot their anniversary. He jabs that he's gotten a new girlfriend since she won't call him, and responds not with an apology but tells him to call her when he stops being a dick. And thus the JWOWW of season one returns. We like that JWOWW. Bring on the Prince Albert sightings!

Sammi returns home and decides to clear the air with Deena. She tells Deena the position of insecurity and defensiveness she brought with her into the house. Deena understands where she's coming from. Unlike JWOWW who rudely walks through the room and belches her disapproval. Deena and Sammi declare their differences squashed and plan to toast it with PatrĂ³n later that night. Still, Snooki and Deena worry that this new harmony could create problems between them and JWOWW, since Sammi and JWOWW will never be friends like they used to. Snooki calls JWOWW in to see what kind of truce can be reached. JWOWW says Sammi hasn't apologized to her and maintains a hard line to the tune of "Fuck you very much."

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