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She finally makes it on to the sand, with JWOWW and Deena close behind. JWOWW says her main concern is getting Snooki off the beach before she gets in trouble. But alas, even The WOWW can't force fate's hand. Sometime between Snooki sprinting into the water and rolling around in the sand, a crowd gathers. There have to be at least 200 people watching and laughing at this mess. Soon enough, police officers come to break it up. JWOWW and Deena try to drag her off the beach, but she goes limp like a drunken, willful toddler. The po-po try to give Snooki the benefit of the doubt and escort her off the beach. At which point, she decides to get mouthy with them. They can't ignore public drunkenness anymore and put her in cuffs. And that was the day Snooki was officially declared a nuisance. JWOWW walks off in tears and goes home to call Snooki's dad and update the housemates. For her part, Snooki tells the cops, "You guys are no fun!"

Thursday: Free Snooki! Deena finds herself a Ronnie doppelganger to satisfy her longings for faux hawks and d-bags.

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