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"Anonymous" Was A Woman

Luke finds Friedman playing at the arcade, and greets him warmly: "Friedman, hey! Where's Brittany?" Friedman: "Day off. Glynis?" Luke: "Same." He proceeds to cheer and praise Friedman's playing. Luke glances up at the high scores list and notices "The Friedman" is listed at the top, with 1,470,263,520 points. "The Friedman"? Le whatever. There's also a Polaroid next to his name of him brandishing the little gun thingamajig you play the game with. Luke: "Dude, Friedman, you're famous!" The Friedman mutters he's been playing a lot. Luke: "Brittany likes House of the Dead?" The Friedman claims she's a big fan. Luke: "Cool." The Friedman caves, and confesses he made up the whole Brittany thing. Luke asks why. The Friedman stops playing and says, "You and Glynis, man. You're always locking lips and smiling. I was like this extra atom of hydrogen watching a water molecule form…so I created my own compound." Hee. Luke: "What about the bra strap thing?" Friedman smiles: "I do have a natural gift. My mom has a sewing mannequin in the basement, so…I practice on it with her bras. The internet only goes so far." Frink has been smirking throughout this scene, not least because he predicted way back at the beginning of the show that The Friedman had been practicing on a mannequin. Luke's horrified: "You -- you used your…mom's bras?" The Friedman: "I'm Jewish, dude. 'Neurotic' really is part of the deal." Luke can't fathom this. The Friedman apologizes for lying; he says he really missed hanging out. "Battling zombies by yourself can be pathetic." More pathetic than using your mother's bras and sewing mannequin to play "Arthur Fonzarelli"?

Luke says he's been trying to come to the arcade for days, and Glynis just wants to hang out at the park: "You know, I'm a fan of photosynthesis as much as the next guy, but if God merely wanted us to smell the flowers, he wouldn't have invented a three-gigahertz microprocessor and a 3D graphics board, you know?" Frink's all over that. The Friedman: "Trouble in paradise?" Luke denies it, but admits to feeling a bit pressured: "Like [when] someone puts a pillow over your face and you can't breathe. But, I mean, just sometimes." The Friedman: "Brittany was cool. She let The Friedman…be the Friedman." Yeah, imaginary girls are great that way. ["I sort of liked The Friedman here. He had a certain élan. Whatever else you can say about him, The Friedman is not afraid to be The Friedman." -- Sars] He offers to spot Luke fifty million points. They happily slaughter zombies side-by-side. Man, why'd Friedman have to go and be all vulnerable and humanoid? Makes it harder to hate him. Actually, I rag on the character a lot, but I really should give Aaron Himelstein props: he does a really good job playing Friedman.

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Joan of Arcadia




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