Joan of Arcadia

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"Anonymous" Was A Woman

They go to the edge of the roof, where it overlooks a courtyard, and we see brilliant leaves of neon-coloured paper -- pink, green, orange, yellow, blue, and purple -- float to the ground, surprising students. Students grab them and start reading. A skateboard rolls to a stop, and Grace bends down to see what's on the page. She reads it and looks around cautiously to see people's reactions. Everyone's reading it; no one's reacting badly. No one's magically figured out that she wrote it. She looks up to see where it's coming from, and spies Joan and Adam standing there. Joan is gleefully throwing more pages down. Grace smiles; Joan and Adam wave. Grace picks up her skateboard and walks off smiling. Man, this show does endings like nobody's business. The final shot is the courtyard, swirled with the colourful confetti, as more papers sink to earth.

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Joan of Arcadia




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