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Will and Helen are in the kitchen alone. He prods her gently about writing down her recollections of the night of Kevin's accident. Helen says she'll do it, she's just not finished yet. By which I think we can safely assume she means she hasn't even started. She says she found all the medical bills and the rehab report. Will nicely offers to cancel his afternoon appointments and do it all himself. Helen says they're doing it together. Kevin's wheeled quietly into the corner of the kitchen, but they haven't noticed him yet. Helen hands Will something she found: a card Andy wrote Kevin to apologize. Will looks at it, asking, "Do we get another because he's suing us now?" Kevin: "Can I see it?" They both look up, surprised, as Kevin enters the room. Helen asks, "How long have you been there?" He doesn't answer as he takes the card and reads it. Kevin says he doesn't think Helen ever showed him that card. She says she thought she had. He tosses it on the table and grabs a bunch of large colour photographs, taken in the hospital the night of his accident. You can tell Helen wants to object but doesn't; she settles for shooting Will a look of distress. Kevin gives both parents a silent, pained glance as he starts to go through them. The first one is a photograph of his feet, with lots of blood smears on the floor below the gurney. The next shows Kevin strapped into the gurney with his head in something to keep it immobile. He inhales deeply. The next one is a closeup of his head, his face all bloody and a wad of gauze sitting on a large forehead wound, soaked through with blood. Kevin remarks, "I haven't seen these, either." Will grabs them and puts them on the table, asking angrily, "Why should you? Why should any of us have to look at all of this again?"

Suddenly Luke and Joan come bounding down the stairs, arguing loudly over who's going to get the last Pop-Tart. Luke says he already claimed it. Joan's in the lead, and gets to the cabinet first: "Not unless you put your name on it, freakazoid!" They wrestle over the box and Luke pulls out the pastry, showing Joan: "Look! L-U-K-E! Clearly displayed in red permanent marker!" Joan complains, "Great! Now what am I supposed to eat?" Helen loses it and yells: "Can we please just have one civilized morning in this house?" Joan and Luke are taken aback, unaware of what they'd stumbled into. Kevin and Will just look sad. Luke: "Do we want to know why you're…" Will, Helen, and Kevin all reply in unison: "No."

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