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Whoa, back to the golden yellow glaze again. Blue and yellow, blue and yellow. Is this show sponsored by IKEA? Regardless, it should be a big hit in Sweden. Helen's sitting in her empty classroom, draped pensively over her desk. Joan comes in to tell her she may not make it home for dinner, since she has to work on the garden some more. Helen asks how it's going. Joan: "Uh, kind of terrible. But thanks for asking." Helen gives her a supportive but empty smile. Joan's about to leave when her mother asks her what she remembers about the night of Kevin's accident. Joan looks uncomfortable and asks, "Now?" Helen says no, sorry, it's okay. Helen tries to go back to whatever she was doing but Joan takes pity on her and says, "I was, um, watching The Nutty Professor for the millionth time…um…" Helen looks at her expectantly. Joan continues, "And I heard you scream." Helen's expression is pained but she struggles to control it. Joan asks if she's okay. Helen says softly, "Sure. I was just curious…the lawsuit…I was just curious. Thanks, honey." Joan says, "Sure," and leaves. Helen goes back to remembering.

Out in the hall, Joan sees Judith at her locker and walks up to her, remarking, "Inside the building. That's a big change for you." Judith slams her locker and says, without looking at Joan -- and in a fairly glib manner -- "Look, I just want to say…I'm sorry." They start walking. Joan says she just doesn't get it. Judith: "We're not at camp, anymore, okay? There, it was, like, perfect. It was just us: Joanith. But here, there's Adam and Grace, and…it's different." Joan says it doesn't have to be. Judith whines, "It already is. I was here less than a week and I totally blew it with you and your friends." Joan: "Okay, so you dump us because of one stupid night?" God, Joan, just let her go. Judith stops: "Look, I've been in four high schools in two years. You'd think I would have kept a few friends through all of that, wouldn't you?" Uh, no, not so much, from what I've seen. And the sooner you make it five schools, honey, the better. "Even my shrink parents have written me off. I'm like some failed lab experiment to them." Joan insists on being spiritually bigger than I: "Judith, I don't care about what happened in the past, okay? Here, right now, we're friends." Judith: "So if I mess up again, that's cool?" Joan: "What?" Judith: "And the next time?" Joan: "What -- what are you even talking about?" She says, "I'll be the one you cut loose, won't I? You'll still have your friends, but I'll be alone, and I don't do 'alone' well." Wow, she really is a piece of work. She throws herself a pity party, gets her next "get out of jail free" card all lined up, and lays a guilt trip on Joan in just a few words. Joan: "Judith, you're all freaked out about something that may never even happen." Oh, I think Judith has been through this enough times to know the drill. Judith says she has to get to class. Joan watches her walk away.

Judith walks down the hall alone, making her a prime target for The Friedman. He rushes up to her, saying, "I get this sense you've been avoiding me. Now, don't be afraid of the feelings we have for each other. They're what make us, us, right?" As Judith gives him a sarcastic smile, Friedman walks right into a heavy metal door that someone's left open into the hallway. Ha! So very cheap but I just don't care. She keeps going as he picks himself up.

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