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He's a bit tearful as he says to Tom, "It's still kinda hazy for me. Um…Andy didn't know how fast he was going. And I didn't want to show how s-s-scared I was." As he pauses and struggles to assemble his next comment, Helen says softly, "There was music playing in the hospital. Some radio someplace. Bach, I think. It was so out of place. Andy…was leaving with his father. They rushed past me. They couldn't…look at me. And then, I heard all I those people working on you, behind the curtain, frantic. And your…sneakers, the new ones I had just bought, in shreds…because they cut them off your feet…lying in the blood on the floor…" She breaks down completely and Kevin's in tears; he puts his hand on her back and rubs it and she leans over to hold him and cry into his shoulder. Will and Tom glance at each other and manfully repress their tears. Nice work by Jason Ritter and Mary Steenburgen. I know quite a few viewers were annoyed by what they saw as Helen horning in on Kevin's moment there, and I actually felt the same way when I first watched it. But I've reconsidered; I think the scene was meant to be just as much about Helen's inability to access her memories and emotions of that night without fearing she would come apart and be too weak to support Kevin and get through the lawsuit. Seeing that Kevin is willing and able to face up to it freed her to express herself and begin dealing, too. In addition: It's weird that they mention Helen hearing classical music at the hospital, though, since in another episode, Kevin mentions coming to after the accident and hearing classical music on the car radio.

Ms. Lischak parades her AP Physics class out to the bleachers to regard Joan's garden/experiment. She's seen fit to bear a little pink parasol over her head. Me: "Oh, for…" Frink: "She's so great." I roll my eyes. I have to give her this much: Lischak's one of those rare attention whores (outside of show business) who's managed to channel her neurosis appropriately, largely by picking a profession where getting and keeping people's attention is more than half the task. She bloviates: "Indeterminacy, my warriors! Who will catch a cold? Who will stumble and fall along the dusty path?" Grace takes that as an opportunity to trip Friedman, who takes a header into the dirt. Still cheap, and I still love it. "And will the horticultural efforts of Team Girardi survive the wasteland of poor soil and D students? Can you expand?" Luke finds a passage in their report and tells Joan, "Read. Remember, it's not just your grade." Joan starts, "'We posit…' 'Posit'?" Luke: "Yes, 'posit.'" Joan continues, "'We posit that no one behaves according to predetermined assumptions. Humanity and beauty have the potential to coexist where the obstacles are the most challenging. We offer our garden as an inquiry into the nature of hope, the greatest indeterminacy of all.'" Lischak declares, "Poetic. As all great science truly is."

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