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Gym class. Yay! Coach Keady. As everyone runs laps, she hollers, "You are all gonna lose that summer flab! Faster! Spine straight, chest forward!" Adam, Joan, and Grace run by together as Grace mutters, "Yeah, that'll happen." Joan asks if they're all on board for her physics project. Grace says she's going to do a paper: "No insecticide." Joan objects, "But we're a study group! We do things together." Adam: "So why'd you have to pick starting a farm?" Joan: "A garden, and I didn't pick it, Ms. Lischak gave us an assignment." Joan insists it'll be fun, and that Judith will help. Grace: "Oh, right." Adam points out that Judith hasn't shown up for class in days. Joan makes excuses for her, saying she's still not feeling well. Coach Keady bellows, "Put on the brakes and run in place!" Glynis, Friedman, and Luke stop and run in place. Keady: "Knees high! Higher!" Glynis runs energetically in place, her ponytails bouncing. She's wearing a bright blue T-shirt, lemon yellow shorts, and bright blue knee socks. Friedman's wearing a lemon yellow polo shirt, a dark-coloured dickie, bright blue shorts, a bright blue visor turned sideways, and black socks. They're both quite a sight. Luke's just wearing navy and grey. Friedman says they should go with the Mars Rover idea: "I'll scope out the NASA web page…" Luke says he's going to pass on this one. Glynis pants: "If you're concerned that working with me will be awkward, I can assure you I've moved on." She smiles as she adds dreamily: "And on. And on." Heh. Luke says that's not it: "It's just, uh, you know, Grace wanted some help on a project." Grace, whose hearing rivals that of a bat, comes running back from her place ahead of him and runs back in front of him to announce, "I don't need your help, Pencil Neck. Never will!" Eek. Harsh. She starts running again as Keady announces another lap.

Joan suggests to Adam that they meet tonight, and she'll get Judith to come, but Adam says he has to work. He suggests after school, but Joan has to work. Adam suggests just doing a paper. Joan: "No! We have to cultivate something because…" She can't figure out a reason and turns to Adam, begging adorably, "Please? I'll never ask for another thing as long as I live. I know that's a lie…but please?" Adam smiles and gives in. Keady tells them to drop to the floor: "Twenty sit-ups!" Much groaning. Grace ends up partnered with Luke. Keady: "Grab your partner's ankles!" Grace balks; Luke looks apprehensive. Keady: "Grab, Mr. Girardi." He grabs as Grace leans back. She starts doing sit-ups as Luke whispers that he just thought they could work on the assignment together, because they did last year, and it wasn't a problem. Grace doesn't say anything, and Luke starts subtly caressing her ankles. She doesn't come back up for the next sit-up: "Are you fondling my ankles?" Luke: "Yes…I am." Surprisingly, she doesn't kick him in the teeth. She actually smiles for a moment, and then pulls herself together: "Look, if you can't handle the terms, the terms which you agreed to, then maybe you can't handle me." She gets up and runs. Keady: "Polk. Resume the position." Grace keeps running. Keady: "Polk! Your citizenship grade is taking a nosedive!" And I'll bet it was way up there, too. Keady glances at Luke, who sits there, frustrated.

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