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My God, the filters are just out of control in this show. If this scene were any more golden yellow, I'd suggest they check the actors for jaundice. Dial it down, technical people. We officially Get It. Luke's lurking around the entrance to the women's washroom. A couple of girls going into the can mutter, "Freak." Grace comes out, and Luke quickly says, "Before you get mad…" Grace is riled. He says he needs to talk. Grace: "Girardi, waiting outside the girls' bathroom is a little stalky." Luke says, "No. You said that if I can't handle your terms, maybe I can't handle you. Well, Grace, I think it's you who can't handle me." Grace: "Don't push it, Girardi, unless you want your make-out time cut." She starts hustling off. He runs in front of her again: "This is more than just about making out, Grace! I mean, I like the making out, don't get me wrong. But we have a relationship here, whether you like it or not." Grace says quietly, "There are things you don't know about me, okay?" Luke: "Exactly! And it's that very indeterminacy that attracts me! I don't know why you're so scared by it." Grace snaps, "This is about my privacy and you not respecting it, that's all!" Luke: "Okay, fine! Then be private -- and alone, because that's clearly what you want." Grace looks anxious and slightly hurt. Luke glares after her. I don't think he's even stifling an impulse to chase her. I really want to know about Grace's parents and home life. I can't imagine that her mother's in the picture. As I've said before, two dead mothers might be a bit much so I'm figuring her parents are divorced. Or maybe her mother abandoned her, who knows? When do we get to find out why Grace has such intense intimacy issues?

Helen and Will are sitting at the dining room table, going through papers and files related to the accident, when Kevin comes home. He tells them he's getting a byline tomorrow, for a story about a guy who's gotten 243 tickets for jaywalking. Helen asks softly, "Why'd you do it, Kevin?" Kevin replies, "I was just fascinated by the man's love of traffic." He turns his chair around toward the stairs as his mother adds, "I went to the lawyer's office today. He told me you went to see Andy." Kevin turns around again but doesn't say anything. Will wonders, "Did you think we wouldn't find out?" Kevin says he didn't know how to tell them. Will stands up and says, "You tried to talk Andy into dropping the case. That could be construed as an admission of guilt." Actually, it seems to me that Kevin was really asking Andy for an explanation of why he was suing them, more than trying to directly get him to drop the suit. Kevin: "That's ridiculous. I just wanted to see how he was, if he really needed help." Will, mad now: "That's not how his attorney saw it. He doubled the damages -- to a million." Kevin's stunned: "How can they do that?" Will says they just can. Helen can't look at Kevin. He says, "Look, I'm sorry, but this whole mess is going on around me, and you two won't tell me anything --" Helen: "Because we're taking care of it! You've been through enough." Will: "Please, just stay out of it. That kid could take everything we have." Kevin looks tearful, and nods: "Sure. I'm sorry." He gets into his chair lift -- very quickly, and really quietly too, it seems to me -- and goes up the stairs while Helen and Will return to their task.

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