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Lt. Williams returns to the police station and reports to Will on the results of interviewing the students: "Let's see...Debbie Branson totally flirts with the gym teacher, Tanya Davis's whole honour society act isn't fooling anyone, and my personal favourite, 'It's probably one of those feministic girls.'" Hee. Okay, I liked Erik Palladino and he was cute and all, but this one can stay. Will asks, "You think they're protecting anyone?" Williams: "Honestly, no. And that's what freaks me out. This tragedy in their school is just a source of gossip." Will regurgitates his wife's theories about adolescent self-involvement. Just then, Helen calls -- to speak to Lt. Williams. She seems puzzled as she takes the call.

Joan's at cheerleading practice in the gym when suddenly Price and Williams barrel in, with Helen trailing them. He marches up to Brianna and says, "Miss Matthews, would you come with us, please?" Brianna looks surprised; CeCe looks shocked. Brianna walks out with them in silence. Helen gives the girls a pained look. Joan looks at her mother, slightly shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders as if to ask what's going on. Helen just continues looking serious as she walks out. I get the feeling she thinks Joan must have known about this. Joan's figured it out, obviously. I can't really buy that they would all march in there like that. They could have called her to the office over the intercom. If they were worried that she's a flight risk (not likely, if you ask me), they could have posted someone right outside the gym. I realize this is more dramatic, but I just can't buy it.

Kevin's in his room, working on his laptop. Hey, he's not painting models! Suddenly Luke bombs in, wearing his bathrobe, and says, "Okay, so there's this moose, and the moose is telling this other moose that the other moose is really an elk, and as such, should be running with a different herd." Kevin just looks mystified. I figure Luke's telling a joke. Kevin: "Uh-huh..." Luke continues, "Okay, but the moose is basing his whole assessment on what appears to be pretty questionable evidence." Kevin: "Like his horns are kind of small?" Luke says it's more of a behavioural observation: "Like, say the moose in question was seen sniffing a flower, which, according to the first moose, is elk-like. But the second moose isn't so sure. I mean, he doesn't feel like an elk; he doesn't have elk thoughts. So does it make him an elk just because he likes this one flower?" Aw. He's comparing Grace to a flower. That's pretty cute. He puts his hand to his chin thoughtfully. Kevin: "Did you want to try a science metaphor?" Ha! Luke cuts to the chase: "Does it mean I'm gay if I like a lesbian?" Kevin asks who he's been talking to. Luke: "I'd rather leave the moose out of it." Kevin closes his laptop as he says no: "Liking a girl is liking a girl. And who says she's a lesbian?" Luke: "That would be the moose again." Kevin: "Right. You know, usually this kind of thing, you just know." Luke: "I know! But apparently there's [sic] all these indicators about me..." Kevin says, "Here's your only indicator -- you ready? When you're alone...just kind of..." He hunts around for an appropriate euphemism: "Passing the time...what do you like to think about?" Luke: "How to get past Level 5 on Diablo...that kind of thing?" Kevin: "No...I mean...okay, when you're in the shower..." Finally Luke cottons to Kevin's meaning and says, "Oh! Right. Well, sometimes I think about Condoleeza Rice." Snerk. Kevin squints at Luke a bit. Luke: "I mean, her influence is second only to Kissinger." Kevin looks away, like that wasn't quite the right answer. Luke adds, "Um...then there's Sigourney Weaver in Alien..." Professor Frink: "Yeah." Luke: "...Christina Ricci, Batgirl..." Kevin: "Okay, stop. See? That's all you need to know." Luke: "So, I'm definitely a...moose?" He adds a little macho emphasis to the last word. Kevin opens up his laptop again as he warns his brother, "Don't ever make me walk you through this again. Okay?" Luke runs happily out of the room. I'm really enjoying the sibling relationships on this show. They're loving, but not saccharine, and they seem to have hit on a reasonably convincing mixture of concern for/indifference to/irritation with each other.

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