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Grace and Adam are sitting on the steps outside at school. Adam's writing in a notebook ("Dear Diary: I am SUCH a loser! I missed Jane's cheerleader thing. But it was still the best day ever...Jane touched my wrist...her skin is like an angel's..."). Grace is listening to something on earphones. Luke comes out behind them and, after hesitating a moment, walks up next to Grace, who remains oblivious: "Would you do me the honour of applying with me as my partner for the 2004 Arcadia Science Fair?" Gee, Mr. Browning, maybe you better ask her father. Adam: "Yeah, sure." Hee. Grace sees Adam talking and pulls her earphones out. She looks at Adam, while Luke says, "Actually, I meant..." Grace asks, "Did you say something?" He stumbles out his request with a lot more syllables but less Emily Post. Grace: "Isn't that thing months from now?" Luke claims it will be a total feeding frenzy. Grace says she doesn't plan ahead: "Ask when it's closer." Adam takes note of this surprisingly non-hostile response. Luke: "So you're saying it's possible?" Grace: "In theory, if you stop acting like such a loser." Luke: "Okay. Awesome!" He takes off to go home and write in his diary. ("Dear Diary: If a flower works on a science fair project with a moose, is she still a flower?") Grace fidgets with her earphones as she watches Luke go. She notices Adam kind of looking at her and snipes, "What?" He manages not to register much of an expression.

Will is telling Helen about what the DA did as they cook dinner together. He tastes the sauce, telling her it needs more parsley. Helen adds parsley as she asks, "And you have no idea why he dropped the case?" Will: "Well, the girl's from a nice family, but not that nice. Just doesn't make any sense." Helen: "Hmm." Will asks her to explain that "hmm" just as Joan comes in saying that dinner smells good and she's starving. Her mother asks her how tryouts went. Joan says she decided she didn't want to be a cheerleader: "I can't stand those girls." Will: "That's it? Cheerleading's over?" Joan: "Yeah! It's a phase, Dad. Keep up." She sits at the kitchen table; he sits on the table and apologizing for jumping to conclusions last night: "You're a good kid." He kisses her forehead, adding, "I know that." Joan says he's allowed the occasional parental freak-out: "Besides, everyone thought it was really cool that you let Brianna off." They did? Even though no one would talk to her either? That seems odd. Will says he didn't do that. Helen tells her to wash up and call her brothers for dinner. She leaves, and Will asks his wife, "Cheerleading is a phase?" Helen says her motto is, "Accept the good stuff, and move on."

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