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Kevin rolls in and starts mooching food. Helen shoos his hand away and asks him to set the table. He grabs some plates and wheels off to the dining room. As they toss salad, Helen tells Will that Brianna's boyfriend is Rex Doherty. Will: "So?" Helen spells it out: "Son of Councilman Max Doherty." It all makes sense to him now, but Will wonders why Helen never saw fit to mention that. Helen says nobody ever asked about the father. Hmm. Okay, point taken, but then again, who says he even knew? He wouldn't be the first guy who didn't know his girlfriend was pregnant. We see the family through the pass-through window to the dining room. You can't really make out what they're saying, because it's so quiet and there's music playing, but because I like y'all so much I'll transcribe the closed captioning. As Will brings out the pasta, he's saying "Mangia, mangia, mangia!" Someone -- one of the boys, I think -- complains about the purple lettuce, saying he hates it. Someone else says he doesn't, and someone else advises him to just take it out. Someone -- Joan, I think -- grouses, "Kevin, do you not know how to set a table?" The music is "I Saw" by Matt Nathanson: "And it's amazing / With the look in your eyes / Like you could save me / But you won't even try / And then you tell me again / How everything will be all right." Everything might be all right for the Girardis, but somehow I don't think that's true for Brianna -- or her baby.

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