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Joan goes out to the porch. She looks fairly troubled by what Grace said, knowing that it's true, and wondering how long God will be this intrusive, isolating force in her life. It can't make any sense to her: God keeps telling her about the importance of connections, and being connected to others, but her relationship with God keeps her distant and alienated on some level from everyone she loves. Does it mean that she's supposed to tell people about it, in order to bring the two parts of her lives together? But how likely is that? She's more likely to end up medicated -- and alienated for different reasons. Ranger Tactful comes up onto the porch and plants himself in front of her: "How's the knitting going, Joan?" She studies his face. Using her name should mean he's God, but…he could easily have learned her name in this situation, almost as soon as they met. Joan looks down and says, "So God cares more about knitting than Adam? I don't think we have much to talk about." He says she's angry, and that he understands. Joan: "You know, it's your fault that all this happened: this secret life that we've been having has totally messed up everything." Ranger God claims, "You could share me with whoever you want." Joan scoffs at that: "Oh, yeah, yeah. And wind up back in the funny farm."

She starts ripping her knitting apart, and he tells her not to do that: "That looks good." She tosses it down and stands up, hollering, "You know, it's just a stupid scarf!" He tells her, "Unravelling it isn't going to make it disappear. It just changes form." Joan shakes her head and then turns to him: "Am I ever gonna see him again?" Benevolently cryptic look from Ranger God. "And I don't mean in another form, I mean here, now." Ranger God: "You feel how painful it is to try to sever a connection. But they can never really be broken. All of creation shares a common thread, like your scarf. How you use that thread becomes the pattern of your life." Joan: "So what's happening now…is it because…I -- I knitted my life wrong?" He just gives her some more of that cryptic benevolence. Tears in her eyes, she says, "I believe in you. I've seen the ripples, I've seen how it changes peoples lives! Even when I didn't see, I trusted you!" Ranger God replies, "And you've developed strength, and understanding, and faith…new challenges are gonna make you even stronger." Joan: "For what? Huh? For what? How much stronger do I have to be?"

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