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Suddenly we can hear Adam's voice calling through the rain: "Hello? Hello?" We also hear a man's voice calling, "Anybody?" Joan turns, looking in the direction of the sounds, and then she races off the porch, calling, "Adam!" He's making his way down the slippery, muddy hill: "Jane!" They struggle toward each other, and if I'm not mistaken, Adam hesitates a half a second before trying to embrace her, probably not entirely sure it'll be okay, but they're very quickly in each other's arms, panting and gasping. (Not like that. Geez.) She asks him what happened, and if he's okay. There's a guy standing behind him (Wentworth Miller of Popular, a show I've never seen) wearing a red coat with the hood pulled up over his head. Adam assures her he's okay, and gesturing to the guy, says, "Ryan really helped me out." Ryan says, "I was lost, too! Never should have been out here!" Adam's father's standing a few feet behind Joan now, and calls out to his son. Adam runs over to him and embraces him tightly, and tells him he's okay. Then he hugs Grace. Ryan says to Joan, "So you're Joan!" Joan says she is. Ryan: "I was wondering why he wanted me to go hiking on a day like this." Joan: "What? Who?" Ryan stops and stares in the direction of Ranger God, over by his vehicle. There's some cheesy thunder-and-lightning effects that accompany the starefest between God and Ryan. Joan, puzzled, looks at God and at Ryan. Ryan walks off without explaining anything, and Joan says, "Who are you?" He turns and glowers from under his hood: "Ryan Hunter. See you around, Joan." (Props to dcalley for pointing out that Ryan is an anagram for "yarn," and one anagram of Ryan Hunter is "hear nun try." Also, Ryan is Celtic for "little ruler." Overthink this stuff? Us?) Then "Sympathy for the Devil" starts playing, and then I can't tell you what happened after that, because Professor Frink had to take me to the hospital for my concussion.

Well, I'm back. Fortunately, the doctors found that I'd built up a thick protective layer of callous all over my scalp from years of anvil-related blunt head trauma, and no new permanent damage was done. Occupational hazard.

The next morning, Helen's sitting at the kitchen table with Luke, whose head is resting on the table, next to his glasses. He says he can't believe he missed the whole thing with Adam. Will walks over to the table: "At least someone had an anxiety-free night." Luke: "Who?" Helen: "You…?" Luke realizes he needs to get it together. She asks if he slept okay: "You seem a little…slow." He puts on his glasses and says he's fine: "Just studying with Friedman." Will: "You should take a break every now and then, unwind." Heh. Luke: "No, I actually like the winding better." ["I love him." -- Sars] Helen gives Will a look of concern. Luke says he has to go meet Grace. As he walks out, his path crosses Joan's, and he warns her, "I finished the Froot Loops." Joan: "Perfect. There go my vitamins." Will greets her: "How you doing?" Joan: "Fine. Everything worked out, right?" Helen asks if she talked to Adam. She says she did, last night at the ranger station: "He seemed fine." Helen: "You can't hold yourself responsible, you know?" Joan, pouring juice at the counter: "That's what they say." Helen says it's true: "You two are going through a difficult breakup, but if Adam makes a bad choice --" Joan: "Yeah, but I had something to do with it, right? I mean, we're all connected, like the scarf. One piece of yarn -- if you cut it up into little pieces, it's useless. You can't make anything out of it." Frink: "You can make yarnlets." No, I don't know what he's on about either. Joan continues, "So I am responsible, partly. We all are. For everything that we touch and everything that touches us." Will: "Where did this come from?" Joan doesn't hesitate: "God." Whoa. She looks at the faces of her befuddled parents. "Isn't that what God says, Mom?" Helen can't form any answer. Joan: "Right. Sorry. Probably just low blood sugar." Helen throws Will another confused glance. Yeah, this "sharing God" thing looks like it's going to go really well.

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