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Luke and Grace are walking down the street as he tells her of the harrowing experience of his maiden drug voyage. Grace, clearly pissed: "Did you even notice that I tried to call you?" Did he ever. Luke: "Yeah, but I was kind of in the middle of a neural nightmare." Grace stops: "And I was in the middle of a real one! I didn't know if I'd ever see Rove again! I really needed to talk to you. It's nice to know how dependable you are." She starts walking again. Luke: "Look: I'm just a dumbass kid who did a dumbass thing. I had a panic attack, and I thought I was gonna die. That's it." Grace: "And you thought you were gonna get some sympathy from me? Well, you bet the wrong hand, Cheech. I already have to live with a drunk at home." Luke apologizes, saying he wanted to answer the phone. Grace: "I'm not dealing with another brain-dead person in my life!" Luke says he threw out Friedman's pot: "And the Pink Floyd box set, all right? It's over." Grace demonstrates she accepts his apology by nudging him sharply and saying, "Moron." Luke: "Agreed." Grace: "You okay? Your eyes look like tomatoes." Hee. Luke: "My head feels like it got hit with a shovel, and my mouth feels like I ate dirt, which conceivably I did, but…yeah, I'm okay." Grace: "Not that I give a crap."

Helen returns to the hospice, this time with Will. When she gets to the door and looks through the window, something stops her. Will stays outside as she goes in. We see Edmond's bed is empty, stripped of linen, and stacked with a pile of his belongings and a clear bag of clothing. At the end of the bed, a little girl hangs over the footboard, playing unenthusiastically with her Barbie doll. His wife apologizes, saying she was told it was okay for them to be in there. Helen says she doesn't work there. His wife is confused, and then: "Oh…you came to see Edmond?" Helen nods. Tearing up, his wife explains he died this morning: "He finally found some peace." She introduces herself as Anne, and the little girl as Kimberly. The little girl, who's very cute, waves hello. Helen tells Anne her name. Anne asks how she knew Edmond. Helen: "In school. It was a long time ago. A friend told me he was sick." Without looking up from her doll, Kimberly interjects: "Daddy's in heaven now. You can talk to him in your prayers." Helen finally says, "Well, I'm sorry for your loss." Anne thanks her, eyes full of tears. Helen leaves without another word and joins Will in the hall. He asks her, "You okay?" She takes his hand and says she is. They walk off slowly, and without speaking.

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Joan of Arcadia




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