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Joan's at the bookstore, knitting away at the counter while studying instructions in a book, when Mrs. LandingGod wanders in and hangs over the counter, watching Joan. You know, I have no idea how this store stays in business at all. The only customer it seems to have anymore is God, and God never pays for anything. I doubt they're paying even Joan's salary on that one copy of In Touch that Professor Whozit bought. Joan notes God's presence, asking, "Are you going to give me a sticker that says, 'Inspected by God'?" Man. You'd buy that scarf, wouldn't you? Even if it were one of those exceedingly ugly things purveyed of late by the Gap. Mrs. LandingGod says she's just admiring. Joan describes the mistakes she's made. Mrs. LandingGod: "It's hard starting over, isn't it?" Joan says the book claims it's okay to drop a stitch every now and then. Mrs. LandingGod: "Well, it's the imperfections that make it unique." Joan: "Well, then, I'm definitely unique." Argh. Nothing modifies "unique." Stop it. Mrs. LandingGod: "The Persians make the most beautiful rugs in the world -- not that I play favourites…" Hee. Uh-huh. "But in each rug, no matter how intricate and exquisite, the artist makes sure there's some small defect. It's called a Persian flaw. It's a recognition that perfection exists only in me. An acceptance that life can never really be lived exactly the way you expect." Joan looks thoughtful. Mrs. LandingGod tells Joan she loves the colours just before wandering off into the bookstore.

Joan puts her knitting down and walks over to a bookshelf (probably looking for Knitting for Dummies) when Adam comes in looking bummed. Before he can say anything, Joan says, "If you're looking for Grace, she's at her house." He's not looking for Grace. Joan notices how down he looks and asks in a small voice, so as not to show too much concern or interest, if he's okay. Adam, nearly inaudible: "Michael fired me." Joan's stunned. In a tone that's barely above a whisper, Adam says Michael told him his work's been sloppy for the last month. Hmm. The last month, you say? The time period during which you were screwing around on Joan with Bonnie and then getting caught and dumped? Also, he's been coming in late. Adam: "What's really sad is that he's right. I totally have been doing a lame-ass job." Joan can't completely conceal the look in her eyes, a look that reveals she knows how this job loss hurts him, and then he blows it by adding, "With everything that's been going on…" Joan: "Oh. So now I'm involved in this?" Adam: "I just -- I just meant…" She knows what he meant: "But I can't stand here and listen to you talk about how you were so wrapped up in cheating on me that you screwed up your job. It's not my problem." She walks back behind the counter as Adam says, looking at the floor, "I thought we were going to be friends." Joan: "I know how you'd like things to be…but…they can never be exactly what you expect, okay?" He says, "Fine," and walks out, as Mrs. LandingGod and Joan watch him from their different spots.

Why does Spiderman sound like he's doing a bad imitation of Professor Frink (the real one) on this Visa Check Card commercial? And apparently Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is playing Elvis. I guess that could work out.

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