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Nor Yet Canst Thou Kill Me, Yo

He and Joan get up and walk around a gravestone, and Rocky says, "There it is again." He reads, "Elizabeth Rove / Beloved Wife of Carl, / Mother of Adam / November 8, 1952 to November 11, 2000." So she died when Adam was about thirteen, if he's the same age as Joan. She kneels in front of the marker, and then looks down, noticing the small sculpture that Adam had left there. She picks it up and touches one of its spiky metal fronds gently, and then puts her hand over the spot where his name is engraved. She runs her thumb along his name as Rocky asks, "Do you think people hang around for their birthdays on purpose?" Joan doesn't say anything. I knew Adam's mother was dead. I've thought so all along, since the first episode he was in. He's never mentioned either of his parents even once, I don't think; I know he's never mentioned his mother. But we met his father, so I knew he had his dad. Ever since Mrs. LandingGod suggested to Joan that Adam had burdens, I've been very sure of it. And I don't know -- I don't want to be all Joey Potter here with the dead mother issues, but I lost my mother when I was eighteen and there's just something about Adam's sadness that I recognized. I can't explain it any better than that. And I suppose it's part of the reason I find his personality so endearing.

Joan's next stop is Adam's workshop, where she finds him welding away. He doesn't see her at first, what with the arcing and smoke and all. He takes off the mask, and eventually notices her standing at the door: "Jane." She waves and says hi. He wonders aloud, "Did I know you were coming by?" She says it's a surprise. He says okay. She comes in and says, "I haven't been a very good friend to you." Adam shrugs, "'Kay." She says it's not okay: "I mean, you were cranky for a reason. People should pay attention to things like that. I should have asked you if you wanted to talk or something." Adam says, "I don't need to talk. But thanks." He starts to fiddle with his sculpture again. Joan sits down across the worktable from him and says softly, "I know why you hate November." Adam glances up at her, and back at his work, his face contorting ever so slightly: "Who told you?" She says she was at the graveyard. He gives her a look, and she says it's a long story. After a pause, Adam explains, "I always, um...made her something for her birthday. She liked it. She said, um...'Don't buy me something. That doesn't tell me anything.' She said, 'This is like having a piece of you to take with me.' She said stuff like that." Joan's teary-eyed, and says, "You miss her." Adam says that making art helps: "You know, it's like she's watching me, and I know that sounds stupid, but..." Joan says, "You talk to angels." Adam's managed not to cry, but his eyes are watery. He says, "I'm glad you came by." Joan: "Me, too." Adam sniffles and goes back to work. Joan just sits and watches.

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Joan of Arcadia




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