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Death Be Not Whatever

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Nor Yet Canst Thou Kill Me, Yo

Suddenly the bus stops, and Cute Guy God says in a totally contrived way, "Oh, look. Your house." I can't remember if we've ever seen a bus run right in front of the Girardis' house before, but I get the distinct feeling this bus driver has a co-pilot he doesn't know about. Note that Joan doesn't get an answer to her last question. I have the feeling that's going to be significant. Joan seems vaguely surprised to be right in front of her house, too, so I think God's playing fast and loose with this route. He says, "Go on, Joan. People are waiting for you." She's still crying, but she doesn't seem quite as angry. She still shoots him a bit of a look as she gets up. She gets off and stands on the sidewalk, watching as the bus drives away. Cute Guy God doesn't look at her; he just stares straight ahead. Kris Lemche is bringing more depth to this incarnation of God than I would have originally expected. Ben Harper's song "Blessed To Be A Witness" plays as Joan stands on the sidewalk, and there is a succession of progressively longer shots of her standing there before she finally turns and walks slowly toward the house. "I am blessed / I am blessed / I am blessed / I am blessed / I am blessed / I am blessed / I am blessed to be a witness." What will it take for Joan to believe that?

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Joan of Arcadia




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