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Nor Yet Canst Thou Kill Me, Yo

Joan heads for the table right ahead of her, where there's information about careers in the airline industry. The woman at the table, who's wearing a flight attendant's uniform, asks if she can answer any questions. Joan puts on an oxygen mask and asks if it's kind of gross "breathing all that recycled air." The woman replies, "All air is recycled, Joan. You've heard of photosynthesis." Busted, again. Joan takes off the mask and says, "Look...Madam's really awkward when you just drop in at school. And I'm not going to become a flight attendant, if that's what you're here to tell me." Flight Attendant God says that's not it at all: "I find Career Day a little bit bogus." Hee! God said "bogus." She adds that it's too early for Joan to be thinking about this stuff. Joan wants to know why she had to get a job, then. Flight Attendant God says that's different: "That's work. Work is a spiritual exercise. Keeps things moving along, prevents stasis, builds character... Most of all, the point of working is to help." Flight Attendant God is a little bit too giddy for my liking. She also has an odd '60s vibe to her, and I don't think it's just the kicky little scarf knotted around her neck. Joan keeps bugging Flight Attendant God about who she's supposed to help do what, and Flight Attendant God explains, "You're about to realize that you're going to be in a position to help someone." Joan wonders how she'll know. Flight Attendant God: "You're going to pay attention. You might even listen and stop interrupting." Joan looks like she's refraining from making a comment. Flight Attendant God says you have to watch people's behaviour: "Not everyone knows how to ask for help." Joan looks slightly mystified as Flight Attendant God shoos her away: "Now move along, unless you want your friends to think you're interested in this profession." She gives a weird little giggle and says, "Buh-bye!"

Blue and grey. You know what that means. Will is interrogating the two young white officers involved in the beating incident. There's some other older, uniformed officer there, too. The name of the one doing most of the talking is Koczara, and he seems slightly nervous. The other one is Eicher. Koczara says the suspect was going fifteen miles over the limit, and he gave chase. They finally forced him to stop. Koczara says they did everything by the book. Eicher: "The guy was slinging serious trash in between making no sense. He was on something!" He apparently refused to turn around and put his hands on the vehicle; he was flailing around. Eicher says they were getting nervous. Koczara apparently told him again to assume the position, and then the suspect reached into his pocket and they didn't know if he was armed. Will: "You didn't frisk him?" Koczara: "The guy wouldn't settle down long enough, Chief, that's what we're trying to tell you." Eicher insists the perp was "twitchy" and "on something." Older Uniformed Cop says they're waiting for the toxicology results. He adds that the suspect is still at the hospital and has a concussion. Will asks the cops, "Then what?" Koczara doesn't know what he means. Will: "How did you get from there to what I saw on the tape?" Koczara: "The guy was a nut, Chief. He -- he wouldn't listen to us. I used reasonable force to subdue a suspect." Maybe if the subject in question had been on PCP. That was a pretty brutal beating. Will's assistant (does she have a name? I'm sure she does, but we never seem to hear it) tells him IAD is there. Will turns off the tape recorder and advises his officers to "give it to them straight." As they're leaving, Will reminds them that they're suspended for thirty days, as a matter of policy. Koczara looks wronged, and asks, "What for?" Will: "It's policy." Come on, that can't be that big a surprise to this guy. He doesn't argue any more, and the two of them leave. Will looks at Older Uniformed Cop and says, "What the hell?" Older Uniformed Cop says, "The way they see it, they made a judgment call. They expect you to back them." Will counters, "Hey, I know what it's like out there. Hasn't been that long. My position is, we'll figure out what happened and act appropriately." Will wonders if anyone's spoken with the suspect or his family. Older Uniformed Cop says that an attempt was made, but they're not talking until they've lawyered up.

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