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Nor Yet Canst Thou Kill Me, Yo

Seems to be the end of the school day, and Helen's in her office, leaving a message for Father Mallory. She tells him she picked up the book he recommended, and she's having trouble figuring out which stage of grief she's in: "I think I'm somewhere between denial and bargaining...and I think I skipped right over anger." Joan and Luke suddenly walk in and say hi. Helen, surprised, says, "Oh, God!" And then to Father Mallory's voicemail: "Not you." She quickly hangs up and Luke asks, "Talking to your boyfriend again?" Helen declares that that isn't funny and goes to get her coat. Luke says it wasn't his best material as Joan comments, "Weird."

Rebecca comes over to Kevin's desk to tell him he did a good job on the garden show article. Kevin asks if she knew that hydrangeas can change colour from bloom to bloom depending on the acidity of the soil. I actually did know that, but nobody asked me. Rebecca asks, "Is that a fact?" Kevin: "It is...because facts are my life." Some other co-irker walks over with a statement from the chief of police, which he's just pulled out of the fax machine. He asks if they want to hear it. Kevin inhales and braces himself. Rebecca looks both sympathetic and uncomfortable as she glances at Kevin. Reporter Guy, who didn't wait for an answer, reads, "'We take police misconduct seriously, and we don't tolerate it on any level. If we are convinced our officers were out of line, we will take swift and draconian measures.' 'Draconian.' So he's smarter than the last guy. 'I will keep the public informed on this matter as it progresses. Thank you.'" Rebecca tells him, "Go write the story." Man, she runs everything around here. She's pretty young to be in charge of a whole lot at a paper in a town the size of Arcadia -- whatever that is, exactly. Sydney Tamiia Poitier is just about to turn thirty as I write this, but I feel like her character is supposed to be younger. Reporter Guy complains it's not much of a story: "Black guy gets holy hell beaten out of him and the white chief of police says he backs his guys." And you can't make some kind of headline-grabbing hash out of that? Dude. Rebecca argues that that's not all it said. Reporter Guy says, "Aw, come on. Nothing's going to happen to these cops." Rebecca starts to point out to Reporter Guy, whose name is Dave, that Kevin is the son of the chief, but Kevin quickly interrupts, "I'm just the fact-checker. I got no politics." Rebecca tells Dave again to go write the story. He leaves, but not until he's smirked silently at both Kevin and Rebecca. Kevin tells Rebecca, "I've been a cop's kid my whole life. You don't have to worry about me. Besides, aren't you the one I'm going to remember for not cutting me any breaks?" Rebecca says she doesn't think those were her words. Kevin says, "Well, if it's any consolation, my dad's a fair guy. He's not a racist. He'll do the right thing." Rebecca asks with concern, "Did I...imply something else?" Kevin is a little taken aback, and says, "No, I just..." He looks confused. "It felt implied somewhere in there." Rebecca smiles a bit and says, "I've had this complexion mah whole life. You don't have to worry about me." "Mah"?

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Joan of Arcadia




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