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Nor Yet Canst Thou Kill Me, Yo

Will and Toni are walking through the police station when he asks if she has a take on the beating case. She says she's working it out right alongside him. He asks her about Koczara. She says he's not her favourite: "The odd offensive remark now and then when he's been drinking. Across the board, though, he doesn't single out any particular brand." Will, noticing Toni's eyes are all over the place, remarks, "And yet, you can't really look at me when you say that." At that, she looks at him. He says, "I could benefit from your candour, Detective. And don't worry about the blue wall. Everything stays right here." She looks hesitant, but finally says, "Guy's a racist. In my opinion, he was looking for an excuse." Some cop comes out of a room not far from them, and she looks uncomfortable. After the cop walks away, she says that Raymond Hartzel's been released and will be brought in for questioning. She thinks Will should be present at the interview, and Will agrees.

AP Chem. Ms. Lischak asks for two general categories of energy, and then pretends like she might ask anyone in the class, but ends up asking Luke, who promptly states, "Kinetic and potential." Ms. Lischak: "With the sexier of the two being...?" Luke: "Potential, for its chemical bonds being the forces that hold atoms together." I notice Glenys is gone from his and Friedman's desk, and the original male nerd seems to be back in the saddle. Or whatever chemists ride in. The teacher rambles on about energy while Joan whispers to Grace, who's gently tapping her own chin with a pair of those tongs you use to pick up hot beakers, "This kid is totally obsessed with death. Isn't that strange?" Grace mutters, "No stranger than being obsessed with this Atom Boy." Luke turns and says, "I heard that!" He pretends to be annoyed, but is obviously secretly delighted to register on Grace's radar. Grace loves Lu-u-u-ke! Grace loves Lu-u-u-ke! Yeah, I'm five. But it's so obvious. Now she has a cute little nickname for him. Joan says the kid has asthma or something: "But it's not like he's gonna die from it." Adam suggests, "Then maybe he knows someone who's dead." Joan turns to him and sniffs, "You can't know dead people." Adam: "Forget I attempted to contribute." He turns his face away and rests it on his other hand. Joan asks, "Seriously, what is wrong with you?" Grace: "He doesn't like November." Adam looks much sadder than usual.

At the park, Little Girl God is riding a swing. She's wearing quite the getup: no goggle-eyed antennae this time, but a fuchsia cardigan, a horizontally striped turtleneck in various shades of pink, clashing pink tights with some kind of white dots or splotches on them, a black miniskirt with pink flowers all over it, and long scarf like one of Joan's, with white horizontal stripes of pink and fuchsia and burgundy. This isn't the first time Joan's gone looking for God, but it's the first time the God she found seemed to match up with the one she expected to find. When she went looking for Orange Jumpsuit God, she found Electrician God. So can Joan figure out where to find God now? Is God more likely to be available to her now? Anyway, Joan calls out to her from the other side of the chain link fence, and Little Girl God, still swinging, asks how she likes babysitting. Joan says it's okay, but describes Rocky as kind of freaky. Little Girl God says he has a lot on his mind. Like memorizing actuarial tables, apparently. Joan asks, "Like his asthma?" Little Girl God gets off the swing and walks over to the fence, saying, "It's not asthma. He tried to tell to you what it is, but you ignored him. I understand why. You don't want to look at anyone's pain." Right now, I don't want to look at seventeen clashing shades of pink. She continues, "The trouble is, when you try to avoid it, you stop helping. People end up alone." Joan asks, "You care about everybody so much. Why can't you help them?" Little Girl God: "Hey, I'll do my job and you do yours." Joan: "Mine is confusing. I thought I was supposed to help the mother, and now I'm supposed to help Rocky. Where does it end?" Little Girl God: "It doesn't. Help kind of moves around, like...light. Even a little bit is good." Joan: "Well, if I help two people, do I at least get extra points?" Yeah, for every ten people you help, you get one sin for free. Little Girl God: "It's not a point system, Joan. You don't get coupons." Joan sighs and asks what kind of system it is. Little Girl God says, "A perfect one." She tosses one end of her scarf over her shoulder and adds, "Trust me." Joan puts her elbow up on the fence, props her chin on her hand, and makes an expectant face: "I'm listening." Little Girl God announces, "I'm finished." She jumps down off whatever she was standing on and walks away with a dismissive wave. Joan: "Hey!" ["I know Little Girl God dresses like Little Edie Beale, but she's still my favorite." -- Sars]

Raymond Hartzel and his lawyer are at the police station for his interview. Raymond's obviously been badly beaten; his right eye is swollen shut, and the area around it is purple. His lawyer says that because of his head injuries, the doctors don't want him interviewed for more than thirty minutes. Will understands. As Lt. Williams arrives, his lawyer says that the doctors say Raymond has traumatic amnesia, and can only remember events up to a certain point. Will says that anything he can tell them will be helpful. Toni introduces herself and turns on the tape recorder. Raymond says, in a slow, deliberate way: "I like the police." She's ready to start the interview, but Raymond continues, "I like the uniforms." Toni starts by recounting the cops' version of things, but before she can ask him anything, Raymond says, "It was my sister's car. She lets me borrow it sometimes, even though I shouldn't. I went to the store to get things for dinner. She needed green onions and unsalted butter. 'Make sure the butter is unsalted.'" It's become clear to Will and Toni that Raymond is mentally disabled. Will swallows. Raymond looks around and then at Toni, asking, "Are you sure you're the police? You're pretty." Will asks the lawyer, "Is this secondary to the head injury?" The lawyer replies, "No. My client has always had an IQ just shy of seventy -- which helps explain his resistance to your officers' orders." Raymond says, "That policeman was yelling at me, but I had to get home, because of the unsalted butter." Will and Toni have very serious expressions. Hartzel's lawyer asks, "So we're clear on the situation?"

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