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Joan approaches Adam in the hallway at school and asks if he has a minute. He hesitates for a bit and finally says, "Sure." He's wearing a toque and a t-shirt and a windbreaker. No hoodie, no vintage shirt. Damn it, he's his own man. Joan blurts out that she got into a big fight with her father about Richard and now her dad totally hates her. She suddenly interrupts herself: "Hey, how come -- how come you're wearing your old shirt?" Adam doesn't explain, just says he's sure her father doesn't hate her. Joan: "Well, he should! I mean, I'm the one who set this whole huge mess in motion. I don't even know what I was thinking. All I was supposed to do was pass geometry." Adam: "Uh, you're losing me." Joan: "It's okay. I mean, there's nothing to say. I just -- I needed you." That makes Adam stop walking for a moment -- he never knows what to do with these outbursts from her.

Joan: "Oh, God, I shouldn't have said that." He says it's okay. Joan says, "No, it's not, it's just one more thing that's wildly out of control right now. Us! Or at least me, the human wrecking ball." Adam wanders along in his usual confused state, saying, "It's not just you, it --" Joan tries again: "Adam, I know I've been such a flake with you." He considers that briefly, and replies, "Unchallenged." Hee. Joan: "It's just that first kiss. The one that was supposed to go away." Adam swallows a bit and looks away, then says gently, "Iris and me are together, Jane." Joan says softly, with a somewhat desperate look on her face, "I know…but last night…" Her voice is slightly hoarse, slightly squeaky. He doesn't know what to say about that. Of course, at this point Iris walks up and says, "Hey," and kisses Adam on the cheek. With her usual forced cheer, she says, "I always seem to be interrupting you two." Yes, yes you do. Maybe you could just go away. She asks what's up. Adam: "Just stuff." Joan says it's kind of personal -- "family stuff." Adam assures Iris it's "nothing weird." He bites his lip a bit. Joan makes an escape to her piano lesson. They watch her go, and then Iris pulls Adam in the opposite direction with an incredibly bitchy raise of her eyebrow. Yow.

Kevin's buying hot dogs from a street vendor when Bear wheels up behind him and says, "Hot dogs. Better living through chemistry, right?" They wheel along as Bear asks, "Where the hell have you been? You missed three days of physio." Frink comments, "I have never in my life seen two people in wheelchairs rolling down the street together." I can't really remember if I have, but I agree it's not a common sight. Kevin claims to have been doing upper body work at home. Bear lectures him about the importance of keeping his legs flexible. Kevin: "For what? When am I ever going to use them?" Bear: "Hell if I know. But when they figure us out, you don't want to miss the boat." Kevin tells him to get real: "There's no boat." Bear: "Hey, you get real." He mentions research and advances. Kevin: "Look. Dude. You do whatever you have to." Bear wonders if Kevin's calling him an idiot: "You're the one that's giving up. I'm taking what's happened to me and I'm moving on." Kevin: "Yeah, well, I'm not you. I'm not wasting my life with some false hope that I'll be walking one day." Bear says it's not false: "It's just hope. Now, you lose that, and you're done." Bear wheels away. I'll bet Kevin's hot dogs are pretty cold by now. I really want Bear to get a shorter haircut. Don't you think he'd look much hotter? ["Unchallenged. He's too poofy. And if Ritter got hooked up with some sideburns, I feel confident that we can effect a stylish trim for Bear. Let's start crabbing about it on the forums. And…go!" -- Sars]

Joan's arrived at Eva's, remarking about the sheet music that's on the piano, "This is that piece on the record." Eva mutters, "Nosy little brat." Joan picks up the album and says, "You listened to the record." Eva says she shouldn't have brought it back: "It was dead." Joan: "No. It's not. It's cool." Eva: "Bach is not cool." I dunno, Ms. Boozington, I think he was cool. Joan: "When you played it, he was. He was alive." Joan asks her to play it for her. Eva refuses. Joan: "But you have the music." Eva grabs the music off the piano and says she's not going to play it. She vehemently flings the music aside. Joan: "What is your problem? I'm trying to give you a compliment. Why are you so mean?" Eva grabs the album and flings it aside, too, saying, "This recording? It took days! In concert you have one chance, one moment! I was that piece. Its beauty -- it fed me. It made me live! And in my first concert a thousand people listened to me bungle my way through it! All life gone out of it…just fear, and nerves. And then the applause. Polite, dismissive…I don't play that piece anymore!" Joan: "Because of one night?" Eva: "I'm going to hire a new cleaning woman who knows when to shut up!" She starts crying. Joan: "Why run from something you love? It's lame. I know, because I -- I just know!" Eva tells her she tried: "I waited too long!" Joan: "But it's part of who you are!" Eva begs her to leave. Joan takes her coat and leaves without another word. On the porch, she hesitates a bit. Inside, Eva plays the record. As Joan's going down the front walk, she hears the music, and turns, surprised. Inside, we see Eva playing along with the record. Joan sits outside on the steps, crying a bit. She pulls her phone out.

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