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On the sidewalk, they all bump into Adam. Dog Walker God apologizes for the dogs' behaviour. Adam says it's all right and then walks slowly toward Joan, waving. "Hey." She replies, "Hey." She seems slightly surprised to see him there. He asks if he can sit. When he does, he notices she's been crying. Joan: "Don't worry. Not because of you." Nice. On the long list of careers Joan needn't consider: Diplomat. Adam, naturally, doesn't know how to take that. Joan quickly adds, "Well, I'm sure you were in there someplace." Howie Day's song "Collide" starts to play. Adam pats his hands lightly on his lap and says, "I talked to Iris." He pauses. "I told her how I felt." Joan: "How's that?" He replies, "The same way you feel." Bet that was a fun conversation. "The dawn is breaking / A light shining through / You're barely waking / And I'm tangled up in you…" Joan doesn't register much reaction to what he says. Adam says, "I was just scared, Jane. Got kinda hurt before, and I thought…about you…and -- and being scared didn't matter that much." Joan squeezes her face up a bit as she starts to cry. Adam puts his hand gently on her back as she smiles at him through the tears. He says, "Hey, you're crying again." She beams at him and he gazes at her. His hand's still on her back as they edge very slowly toward each other. "Even the best fall down sometimes / Even the wrong words seem to rhyme / Out of the doubt that fills my mind / I somehow find / You and I collide." They finally kiss, and for one moment all is right with the world, as Adam's love for the girl robed in the sun and the moon and the stars and Joan's for the sweet, gentle, artistic boy in a toque are in perfect harmony.

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