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At the Girardi house, Luke is asking Kevin, "You sure you want me to do this?" Kevin, lying on his stomach, says, "Come on! Independent research. It's your kind of thing." Luke is wiping a dart with alcohol. Luke: "Sticking a dart in my brother's butt is a lot of things, but it's not my kind of thing." Kevin asks if he's ready. Luke: "Not really, but…yes." Kevin warns Luke to keep his yap shut about this. Luke: "You think this is something I'd publicize?" Kevin considers that and realizes his secret's safe. He tells Luke to go ahead, and not to tell him when he's going to do it. Luke sighs and gingerly lifts the waistband of Kevin's pyjamas, remarking, "Oh, this is uncomfortable on so many levels." He pokes Kevin -- pretty high up, like a couple of inches below the waistband. According to one of our forum posters who should know, it's actually the perianal area that should be tested. But Luke probably wouldn't be that good a brother, and I doubt CBS is going there, either. Kevin says mildly, "Ow." Luke reflexively stammers an apology, and Kevin flips over and hangs his head off the edge of the bed, saying, "No. It's great. I felt it. I actually felt it." He lets out a fierce jock-like "Woo!" and Luke follows suit with a weaker, not as jock-like "Woo!"

Joan wanders into math class and sees Adam sitting on his desk and talking to Iris. He's wearing some boldly printed, vintage-looking, fugly shirt that could well be made of some synthetic material. It's so not Adam. It's not even Friedman. (Speaking of him…it feels like a long time since we saw him. My "Shut it, Friedman" reflex is getting rusty.) Joan snipes, "What's this? Crazy Shirt Day? 'Cause you are totally winning." Adam says that Iris gave it to him. Joan sits down behind Iris and says, "Oh! So this is a…choice." Iris snots, "It's vintage. Still has the original tag." I hope she meant "had" and not "has." Joan tells Adam, "You look like an escapee from a VH-1 special." Wow. I don't much care if she puts on the bitchface for Iris, but it's killing me for her to talk to him this way -- even if it's directed at his girlfriend. Iris turns around and asks, "You think the JC Penney hoodies were a good look for A?" I think "A" never concerned himself with a "look" until you came along, that's what I think. Joan insists, "They were Adam. This is not." Adam: "I like it, Jane." Joan: "No. You don't. You can't, unless you're…blind…or…" She mouths the word "her" while she points at Iris's back. Iris says, "I can't help it if you don't get fashion." Which is a fair comeback and all, but there's something about the fake, pained smile Iris gives Joan that makes me want to slap her. The bell rings, and Joan says, "I just think you should let A be Adam…okay, 'I'?" Heh. I'll take that as a shout-out.

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