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Joan's practicing at home when Luke comes downstairs with a rather large piece of paper. Joan says, "Do you realize the ratio of whole numbers that governs harmony is, like, the same ratio that governs all of geometry?" Luke: "Of course." Joan: "Well, you can't play 'Eensy-Weensy Spider.' Dork." Luke: "You know, I would appreciate a little consideration and respect. I've discovered the elusive Richard Girardi." Joan: "Oh! I meant 'dork' in a nice way. Really." Luke says he found a genealogy website. He points to some names on the page: "There's Grandpa, and there's Dad, and there's Richard." Joan: "Dr. Richard Girardi. Wow. Grandpa had a brother." Luke: "Dad does. Half-brother. He's ten years younger. He lives in Baltimore." Joan says that's impossible. I like that, coming from the girl who has regular chinwags with God. Luke explains that Grandpa remarried after he left their grandmother. Joan's pretty blown away. Luke: "I'm sure he had his reasons." Joan walks over and picks up the phone, and calls directory assistance: "For Baltimore, please: Dr. Richard Girardi." Luke: "You're gonna be sleeping with the fishes." She shushes him. She tells the operator to connect her. Luke persists: "Joan, in the pantheon of bad ideas that compromises [sic] your life, this may be your crowning achievement." What an unlikely sentence. Richard's not there, so Joan leaves a message for him. Then we fade abruptly to the commercial again. Frink: "What's with the bad cuts to commercial? This isn't Global." (That remark will probably only make sense to certain Canadian viewers. If you are not one of those folks, just remind yourself, it can't always be about you.)

Later, Joan's in Adam's shed, explaining, "You're the only one I know with a record player." Man, how sad is that? Oh, the humanity. He's looking through the records Joan took from Eva's: "Man, this stuff is in great shape. Too bad it's all classical." Joan agrees. As he flips through them slowly, one catches her eye: it's an album by Miss Eva Garrison on the excellent Deutsche Grammophon label. Joan: "This is Eva! This is her playing." Adam: "Your teacher?" She asks if they can listen to it. Adam puts it on, and Joan gives Adam a warm smile as the music begins. It's Toccata - (Fugue) from Bach Piano Partita No. 6 in E Minor. He doesn't return her smile, exactly, so she kind of wanders away a little bit. But in an excellent little bit of business, he's got his back to her and he suddenly starts fidgeting with the zipper on his hoodie; he can't decide whether he should zip it up to hide the Iris-wear or leave well enough alone. He finally leaves it more or less where it was, and comments on the music: "It's cool." Joan: "It's Bach." Looking at the album, she says, "I can't believe she ever looked this beautiful." Adam: "Well, I guess everybody gets old, huh?" Joan: "It's not just that. I mean, she's sour on the inside. Maybe it's all the scotch." Adam moves closer to where Joan's sitting and touches one of his sculptures: "Or…you know…bad ripples." Joan sighs: "Yeah."

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