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Will's looking at some cases on his desk, one of which is the Timmins case that Toni's working on. A moment later, he comes out to where Toni and Roy are chatting, and announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, The Kid is back. I got your shooter. Three cold cases: all older, wealthy victims, single shot to the head, jewellery gone, no forced entry. Sound familiar?" Toni says it does. Will hands them a file saying, "And here's your link." Roy looks in the file: "Henley Motors?" Will explains that a particular mechanic repaired the car of each victim a week before each murder. Toni confirms that her victim recently had his car worked on at Henley Motors. Will says that the same name is on all of Henley's paperwork: Charles Newcomb. Will figures he copies the victims' keys. Toni: "Unbelievable. Great work, partner." Will thinks they're going to go nab the perp now, but Roy tells him he can't let him do that. Will: "But I cracked it. He's my collar." Roy says he's still not cleared: "I'll make sure you get full credit, though." Reggie knocks on the door and asks, "Anybody missing a genius?" Will: "Hey, son. You remember Detective Williams, Sheriff Roebuck." Toni doesn't say anything about the party as Luke and Roy shake hands. Roy tells him, "Your old man just cracked four homicides." Toni: "Three years we've been running up against the wall, and he does it sitting at his desk." She takes off. Luke asks his father if he's going to bring the guy in now. Will says, "They are." Roy adds as he leaves, "It was an amazing piece of detective work, Will." Luke shrugs and smiles nervously at his father.

Casper's rushing through a crowded hallway, saying loudly, "You don't have to call anybody! I'll just go!" She's being pursued by Price. I guess the jig is up. They run into Joan, who asks what's going on. Price: "Your friend has enrolled in this school illegally. The phone number she gave us was out of service, and the account number on the utility bill was registered to your family, Ms. Girardi. You have to do more than change the address to fool me." Casper insists that she'll just leave, but Joan makes her wait. Price tells Joan, "The use of fraudulent documentation is a serious offense." Man, for someone who spends all his energy trying to keep students in classes, you'd think he'd cut them a little slack here. Joan thinks fast: "She just wanted to come to Arcadia...because you run such a great school, Mr. Price!" He nods: "That, I know. But school zones exist for a reason. Now I'm sorry, Ms. Casper. I'm going to have to send you back to your district." Joan: "You can't! She's --" Price: "Care to elaborate, Joan?" Frink: "I just want to punch him so hard." Joan looks at Casper and then at Price: "" Joan looks back at her friend, who runs off as she's about to burst into tears. Joan: "Casper, wait!" Price: "Come on." Joan watches Casper with a worried look.

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Joan of Arcadia




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