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Casper, The Friendly Ghost

Back at the park, Joan's waiting around for Casper. Maliya and Nikki arrive and ask, "Yo, Snow White, what's up?" Joan says she's waiting for Casper. Maliya says she left: "She said her dad was coming back for her." Joan: "Did you see him?" Nikki says she didn't, but that Casper had her bag packed. Joan: "Well, what if she just took off by herself?" Nikki shrugs: "I dunno." Joan starts to walk off when a much younger girl in a pink coat, tying her bright pink hightops on a bench, asks, "Wanna jump, Joan?" I like her voice. Joan looks at her and realizes it's God. She asks, "Did her dad really come back?" Pink Hightops God says, "You did what you were supposed to do." Joan freaks: "What a copout! You get me all wrapped up in her life and now you're not even going to tell me what happened to her?" Pink Hightops God asks, "The connection you and Casper have, you think that's gone just because she went away? Is your connection with Adam gone because he's with Iris? Real connections, they can't be broken by time or space." Joan: "I wanted to help her...I wanted to get her a place, get her dad a job." Pink Hightops God: "You can't fix everything, Joan." Joan replies, "She's my friend. I want to know what's gonna happen to her." Pink Hightops God says, "I know you do. But sometimes, it's enough to plant the seed, walk away, and let the flower grow on its own." Joan is not at all satisfied with that. Nikki asks, "Yo, Snow White, Short Stuff, wanna Dutch?" Maybe I'll have to call this one Short Stuff God. That's kind of hard to resist. Short Stuff God gazes at Joan with a mixture of inscrutability and empathy. Joan looks disheartened, but allows Short Stuff God to pull her along as "I Can't Wait to Meetchu" by Macy Gray starts playing. (That is so a shout-out to me.) Joan and Short Stuff God jump in at the same time from opposite sides. "I do my best to do right got to get to the way up high / Oh my lord I can't wait to meetchu / Love the life you're givin' but I'm looking forward to the day I die / Oh my lord, I can't wait to meetchu..." The two of them lock eyes and laugh as they jump together in perfect rhythm.

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