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The camera drifts across a poster for a book called The Sweetest Note by Michelle Turner, along with a table full of her books for signing. The author photo reveals that it's Andie. Then we see her and Kevin getting coffee, so it's obviously one of those bookstore/coffeehouse-type joints. Too bad it's not Sammy's store -- I would have liked seeing him again. It would be amusing to see Sammy and Kevin try to out-snark each other. I miss Sammy. Meredith Monroe's hair is red, not blonde, and I look at Frink to see if he recognizes her -- the last time we watched Dawson's Creek was the year Andie and Jack came on the show -- but he doesn't, really, so I tell him who it is. Anyway, she's telling Kevin that if it were not for her brother's autism, she wouldn't have realized how much her music could help someone. Kevin: "Well, maybe you could play me something and I'd start dancing." She laughs: "I'm good but I don't know if I'm that good." She says he's not what she expected. Kevin: "You thought I'd be taller, right?" She laughs. Someone sticks a book in her face to sign, and she complies. Kevin says he's got everything he needs. Michelle: "So, what now? I've got one night in Arcadia. What should I do?" Frink: "'Me.'" Kevin thinks for a second and advises her, "Check out Marvin's. Home of the garlic cheeseburger -- guaranteed to rock your world." Like father, like son. Michelle says that sounds like an offer she can't refuse. I didn't hear the "offer" part myself, but then, I'm not on a book tour and trawling for action. I think we'll call her "Randie." Kevin looks at her with a hesitant expression, trying to figure out how to respond, when she realizes: "Oh, that -- that wasn't an offer." Kevin shrugs, "No, I...I should start writing." Randie: "Well, uh...a man's gotta eat, right? Aren't you hungry?" There's an offer if I ever heard one. Kevin smiles: "I guess I could eat something."

Joan comes into the kitchen, where Luke's studying the contents of the fridge and Will appears to be paying bills at the table. She says that Helen's working late again and asks if they can order pizza. Will says it's already on the way, and then all three in unison say, "Extra garlic." Luke tells them to call him when it comes: "I want to finish this article about digital fingerprint filing." To Joan, pointing at their father: "He deals with some impressive technology." Will: "I'm the guy who can't work the remote, remember?" Luke makes a dismissive face to that and takes off. Joan, eating cereal from a box, says, "You know, one good thing about Mom's new job: never-ending junk food." Will, lost in bills, says absently: "You should support her, you know." Joan claims she's doing her best: "Can you imagine if Grandma was the Chief of Police? How would you be coping?" Will: "Well, I wouldn't have to go see a shrink. She'd just make me some manicotti and say, 'Everything a-gonna be okay.'" He pronounces manicotti "manigot" and puts an Italian lilt on the last four words. Joan asks softly, "How is everything." Will: "Better. Thanks. I never knew before...all the things you keep locked up." Joan nods: "Yeah." Will says his shrink says he'll be back in the field soon. Joan: "Well, that's good, yeah?" The pizza arrives, and Will hands Joan the money as she goes to the door.

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