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My Sister's Keeper

Cheddar Bob's got Will out of the car now, and Will's walking ahead of him at gunpoint. Will tells him he's got three kids, and his oldest is in a wheelchair: "My wife's a good woman, she doesn't deserve any more tragedy in her life." Cheddar Bob's all sympathetic: "Come on, you're insured to the eyeballs!" Will asks if he ever depended on anybody. Cheddar Bob instructs him to walk "over there." Will: "Anybody ever depend on you? If nobody ever depended on you, then you're a child -- you're not a man." Cheddar Bob: "I'm not the baby pleading for his life!" Will says he's not pleading for his life: "I mean something to people. I don't expect you to understand what that's like." I presume this is Will's approach to psyching out Cheddar Bob, and provoking him to identify with his responsibilities. Either that, or it's a pretty wack attempt at not getting killed. Cheddar Bob comes close to Will, and Will manages to knock him to the ground and start running at him, but Cheddar Bob collects himself quickly and has his gun on Will again right away. Suddenly some loud music starts blaring nearby and you can hear party voices. Cheddar Bob moves to take a look and sees that there are a bunch of teenagers having a little bonfire party nearby. He orders Will back to the car.

Joan's sitting on the stairs at school, waiting for Luke. Man, if she's got so little to do anyway, why not watch the TriMathlon? The hallway's empty except for some weird academic type, surveilling the hall with some kind of radio wave-intercepting equipment that looks like an exaggerated megaphone. Man, you just know this guy's an avatar. Joan smirks to herself and asks what he's doing. He pulls his headphone aside, and says in a very John Cleese-ish voice, "Checking for radio emissions." Must have left his tinfoil hat at home. He's not unlike a grey-haired John Cleese in physical appearance and mannerisms. He explains that at last year's TriMathlon, a participant was having data "beamed to him by an accomplice." He waves his Whatever Technology (tm Gustave) thingamajig over Joan, who says she's not beaming anything: "I'm just waiting for my brother to finish." TriMathlon Cop God says, "At which point you will drive him home. Correct?" Joan: "I don't want to drive. Why are you making me?" TriMathlon Cop God: "Most young people want to drive. Why are you so hesitant?" Joan says he knows everything: "Why don't you tell me?" He sits down beside her, positing that maybe Helen's right, and she's afraid of ending up like Kevin. Joan says maybe her mother's right. TriMathlon Cop God: "Balderdash! You've always been a headstrong, brave child, not overly concerned with your own well-being -- a trait you inherited from your father. What you fear is hurting someone else. You fear that one instance of bad judgment might entail consequences...consequences like those..." Joan: "Like Kevin?" God silently assents. Joan: "That's -- that's why I don't wanna drive...I mean, isn't that -- isn't that a pretty good reason?" TriMathlon Cop God: "Being an adult isn't merely about risking your own means risking others'." Isn't that kind of at odds with what Will's been telling Cheddar Bob? He continues: "In cars, in love, in family...hurting others is always a possibility. That's what's difficult about being an adult: facing the harsh fact that you may hurt others, even when you don't want to." Joan replies, "Then there's a flaw in the design -- and whose fault is that?" TriMathlon Cop God: "It might help if you think of the universe as an obstacle course. There's no flaw in the design, it's just -- " Joan: "Obstacles?" TriMathlon Cop God: "Time's up!" Before he goes, he tells her firmly, "Take your brother for a drive in the country."

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