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My Sister's Keeper

The TriMathletes start shuffling out of the room. Friedman, luckily, doesn't notice Joan. Luke comes over to Joan, and he seems happy: "I went to another place. Like, I reached another plane of crystalline thought in probability theorem." Joan says if she wants to hear about his genius, she'll ask. Luke: "Of course. Boring. Sorry." She stands up, and Luke leaps forward to help her, eliciting a puzzled look from Joan. As they walk slowly along, Luke tells her he talked to Adam about their relationship. Joan: "Who told you to do that?" Then: "What did he say?" Luke: "He's not going to be a part of this, Joan." She looks unsurprised and says, "Oh." Then she asks, "Part of what?" Luke: "I know, okay? You left evidence in the bathroom." She doesn't know what he's talking about. Luke says, "I know you're pregnant." Joan looks utterly shocked and horrified, and quickly looks around to see who might have overheard. Luke continues, "And obviously Adam is the father." Joan gasps, "Oh my are really on another plane, aren't you?" Luke: "Adam's not the father?" Joan quickly explains, whispering the last word, "I'm not...pregnant." He wants to know why there was a pregnancy kit in their bathroom: "Because I'm not pregnant and I'm pretty sure Kevin's not pregnant, which leaves..." Joan: "Mom." Luke: "Okay, I'm an expert on probability, and given factors such as Mom's and Dad's ages, birth control, and the average frequency of sex after twenty-three..." Joan puts one hand over her ear, and says, "Aaah! Eww?" Luke, the big expert, insists the probability is low. He asks, "So what do we do with this?" Joan: "Nothing. Nothing. We're going to let her tell us, grossed out...but really happy." Luke: "Yeah, I'm comfortable with that."

Dusk has fallen over Arcadia. Now Will and Cheddar Bob are driving through the dark, outside of the city, I guess. Cheddar Bob insists there is someone who depended on him. Will asks, "You want the man you're going to murder to have a good opinion of you? Screw you." Is that good psychology, to talk as if the deed is a foregone conclusion? Even if you believe it is? I wouldn't do that, personally. Not in this situation. Cheddar Bob says it's Will's own fault: "No gun, no uniform. What'd you pull me over for? Dumbest cop I ever saw." Will explains, not that Cheddar Bob's going to get it: "I had something to prove to my son. So I pulled over a rich white guy. You couldn't understand. You don't care about anybody's good opinion, and nobody cares about yours." Cheddar Bob: "Shut up." Will: "What are you going to do, kill me twice?" Cheddar Bob shouts at him to shut up: "I got people that care! Quit sayin' I don't! I got a kid! I'm no use to her in jail." Will: "You don't have anybody." I can't tell if Will really believes this or not. Cheddar Bob replies, "If I gotta hurt your family for my own...tough! That's the way it goes." Will insists Cheddar Bob doesn't have a family. Cheddar Bob says he's going to show him what he's dying for. He takes off his seatbelt, and, trying to keep the gun on Will, starts fishing in his pocket for his wallet. He turns his head a little and Will, seeing his opportunity, takes it by steering the car sharply so that Cheddar Bob's head is thrown against the side window; then he keeps flooring it, and heads straight for a tree. He tries to hit it so that there's more impact on Cheddar Bob's side, and pretty much manages it. The car crashes and bounces back a couple of feet. It sits there, steaming. The windshield on the passenger side is broken and there's blood in the glass. Both Cheddar Bob and Will are unconscious. No airbags deploy.

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Joan of Arcadia




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