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My Sister's Keeper

Luke and Friedman are at the AP Chem desk, though no one else seems to be there. Luke's leg is bouncing like crazy, and he and Friedman are discussing the TriMathlon questions. Luke is really hyper and has obviously had way too much caffeine. Friedman: "Why are you talking so fast?" Luke: "Why are you listening so fast?" Hee. Friedman declares Luke a nervous wreck. Luke says it's not about the TriMathlon. Friedman: "You're going to choke, man! You gotta find that cerebral place..." Luke: "My sister had sex with Adam Rove." Dude. You so did not just tell one of the worst people you could tell that to. Oh, man. Friedman asks, "What?" at the same time as Luke says, "What?" Friedman: "Your sister did the big bang with Adam Rove?" Luke: "Shut up! How do you know?" Friedman: "Does Rove even have all the" Luke: "Quit talking about it!" Friedman points out that Luke brought it up. Luke says he didn't mean to: "And you should hear what I'm not telling you, okay, so shut up!" Friedman: "Dude...let the caffeine flow through you...don't fight it."

Joan shuffles morosely toward her mother, and Helen says, "Don't worry about it, honey. Everybody fails it the first time." Joan says she didn't fail. Someone calls her name in a strangely familiar voice. Joan goes over to the counter. The MVA clerk is the woman who played Joey's museum co-worker Rhonda in the Friends episode where Joey attempts to break down the class barriers in the cafeteria between the scientists and the low-level employees. She was the one who stood up and yelled about her breasts not being real. She congratulates Joan: "This is a significant milestone in your life. You're apprehensive -- just like you were when you got a training bra -- and that's good." Joan looks slightly mortified and kind of clutches at her cardigan. MVA God continues, "Driving is a big responsibility." Joan asks if MVA God arranged for her to pass. MVA God: "Uh-uh. I don't interfere in that way. You passed fair and square." I don't know. I've seen some drivers out there who couldn't have passed their test any other way than by the grace of God, so I'm not sure I'm buying this. MVA God takes Joan's picture as Joan babbles about having a bad hair day. MVA God so does not care about that. She says, "Now that you have your licence, I want you to use it -- today." Joan wants to know what the rush is: "Sixteen years I haven't driven, and you know what? It's been great." MVA God: "Your licence will be ready in five minutes. Next!" Joan gives MVA God a shirty look.

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