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Will sits next to Judith's bed. She says, "Papa Girardi." Wonder how Fran liked that? He says he'll try to be quick, but he needs her help: "Do you know who did this to you?" She doesn't: "Some slug who was gonna sell them X. I guess he thought it'd be easier to rip us off. I shoved him away. But I got in the way of his knife, I guess." Will wants her friends' names, so he can speak with them. Judith: "They didn't stay?" Man, did Sprague Grayden ever nail the perfect mixture of question and statement in her delivery of that line. Fran's face crumples when she hears that. Will says they must have been very scared. Judith nods. Fran continues trying to suppress her crying. Judith sobs a little, and noticing her mother, says, "You can lose it, Mom." Fran nods, still crying silently. I'll bet it's been a long time since Judith called her anything but Fran. Judith: "It's okay." Fran nods madly, her face contorted. She covers her face with her hands. Judith: "It's okay. It's okay." Will realizes he should leave, and gives Fran a consoling hand at the door. Fran comes over to the bed and sits next to it, crying. She strokes Judith's forehead: "I -- I'm so sorry." Judith whimpers: "I'm sorry." Fran tries to shush her but Judith apologizes again, and cries some more. "I'm sorry, Mom."

Luke returns to the theatre in his sock feet. Inside, Grace is eating popcorn next to Friedman, commenting, "This is totally inept, dude. It makes stupid look stupid." Friedman: "I know. And yet it endures. An evolutionary marvel." The audience is reciting the dialogue. Grace is shaking her head, saying, "I'm so on board." Friedman turns to look at her -- as best he can with the giant helmet on his head -- and says, "Yes." Grace: "What?" Friedman: "I can see it now. You and Luke." Grace: "You know, if you give us up, you'll never have kids." Friedman: "Yeah, I got that." Luke comes in at that point, and finds her sitting next to Friedman: "Grace? I went to the anarchy meeting looking for you." She stands up: "I came here to the movies." Luke: "Yeah?" She nods, and glancing down, adds, "What happened to your shoes?" Luke: "They were made by, uh…kids in Central America. I burned them." Grace gets a warm look in her eyes. I cannot believe no one is shouting at them to shut up and sit down. Luke walks past Friedman and over to Grace. He kisses her. There are cheesy little electricity sounds coming from the film, which is awesome. Finally someone on the audience tells them to sit down, while others hoot their approval. Grace flings all her popcorn at them.

Out in the waiting area, Joan's fallen asleep against her mother's shoulder. Fran comes out and tells her Judith wants to see her again. Fran sighs heavily and sits down next to Helen.

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