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After the commercials, Adam and Joan are ensconced at La Cachette, and placing their order. There's a pianist playing a grand piano near them. The waiter says to Adam, "Filet mignon and steak au poivre." Adam: "Uh, steak." Waiter: "How would you like your steak prepared, monsieur?" Adam: "Um…in a pan." He affirms this with a nod. Bwah! Joan beams at the waiter. She clearly can't imagine what else the waiter could have meant, either. The waiter only misses half a beat and then says, "Very good, monsieur. Merci." Oh! How sweet. I want to reach right into the TV and leave this guy such a big fat tip for not humiliating Adam. He then takes Joan's order; "mademoiselle" decides to have the duck. The waiter collects the menus and leaves. Joan: "Awesome ordering." Adam laughs: "Thanks. So you ordered the duck. I've only seen that in the movies." Joan says the waiter recommended it: "And I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I just hope it doesn't come in a little sailor suit, like Donald." Heh. Adam laughs. Joan comments, "So…the last time we ate together, our meal came with a toy." Adam sighs, and man, if I spent the rest of the recap on it, I don't think I could tell you everything that was in that sigh. He says very earnestly, "You look so pretty, Jane." And she really does, despite the silly pink lace now wound around her neck. Joan whispers, "Really?" He nods: "Beautiful." Joan replies, "Look at you. You look like that guy from The Hives, if he wasn't such a poseur and his songs didn't suck." Good compliment, Joan. She seems to realize that didn't come out so well. Adam appreciates it nonetheless. From looking at pictures of The Hives, I can't even tell what guy she's talking about; none of them looks like Adam to me. Honest to God, has this girl never seen Say Anything? Adam: "You know, we've been stretched so thin lately…I -- I was afraid we were gonna break." Joan: "Me, too." She glances around and then asks quietly, "Can I have a kiss?" Adam's happy to comply. They stand up and lean over the table. Joan suddenly thinks about that candle in the middle, and her mother's hair catching on fire, and moves to one side. Adam follows her and gives her a quick kiss.

They sit back down, and Joan suggests they should have another roll, since there's no one around to complain they'll spoil their appetite. Suddenly Joan's distinctive cell phone ring interrupts the quiet, romantic atmosphere of the restaurant, earning her some stares from other patrons. She quickly answers it, ducking down beside the table to take the call. It's Judith, calling to find out how it's going. Way to interfere, Judith. Joan tells her it's not a good time. Judith: "Figured. That's why I called!" She giggles. Judith's outside in a slightly rough-looking neighbourhood. Some guy walks past her saying, "Dude. Get off the phone." She tells him, "Bite me, Ryan." Joan whispers, "Where are you?" Judith claims they're picking up some snacks on their way to some party. I should probably spell that "SnaX." There are two other guys with Ryan up ahead of her. Ryan tells them to hold up and comes walking back toward Judith, who's asking Joan, "So?" Joan: "It's like I won a contest!" She giggles. Judith: "Oh, yes!" Ryan tells Judith: "If this guy takes off and we don't get our stuff --" Judith smacks him on the chest and says, "Hey!" He glares and walks back to his skeevy buddies. Judith tells Joan she has to go: "Be in love, Joanith, and eat lots of dessert." ["I might have to stitch that on a pillow." -- Sars] Joan hangs up and whispers to Adam: "Judith. Sorry."

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