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Whoa, blue filter. Will drives up to some crime scene, to find Lucyfer running toward him, distraught and breathless. He's all, "What? What couldn't you tell me on the phone?" Lucyfer talks in fragments, "Teenage girl. Multiple stab wounds." Will: "And?" Lucyfer: "No ID. Just -- just a nametag and a sweater." Will looks up and sees the paramedics wheeling out a gurney, and says, "Oh, my God!" as he dashes toward it. He looks at Judith's blood-covered body and the oxygen mask on her face and asks, "Is she gonna make it?" One paramedic says, "Multiple wounds to the chest and midsection. Significant blood loss." Will grabs the guy: "It's a simple question." The paramedic replies, "She's a mess. I really don't know." Will stands there as the ambulance drives off, then turns to Lucy and says, "She goes to school with my daughter. Her name is Judith Montgomery." Lucyfer: "The name tag said Joan Girardi." Will seems puzzled. Lucyfer sobs, "I thought I was going to have to tell you -- " She turns away. Will: "Lucy[fer]…" She keeps her back turned. Will yells, "I want this whole area cordoned off! Get some lights down here! A lot of them!" Will springs into action while Lucyfer tries to pull herself together. Um, overly invested in Will, much? And: what's she doing on this investigation? Why would she have been called? And even if it were Joan, is it really smart to call her father to the scene of the crime, even if he is a cop? Wouldn't he just be instructed to go to the hospital where the victim's being taken? What is Lucyfer's deal?

Joan and Adam walk up to her door as Joan says, "This has been, like, the best night of my entire life, Adam." He smiles: "Yeah." She stops on the doorstep and says, "Um…well, I -- I know you're going to come inside, but do you think maybe we could do the goodnight kiss thing out here first?" Adam is, of course, agreeable to that. They lean in slowly and start kissing; Joan puts her hand on his shoulder and then touches his chin as Adam brings his hand to the side of Joan's face, too. Then she gently reaches back and curls her hand around his as their lips separate. You know, it's going on a year. Shouldn't these two have discovered tongue by now?

They go inside as Joan calls toward the kitchen, "Mom! The place was so good. I stole a roll for you!" Helen's on the sofa looking grim. She stands and turns toward them. Joan spots Helen and says, "Hey!" She sees her mother's expression and says, "What?" Helen just tries to steel herself: "Honey…" Joan: "Oh, God. Is it -- is it Dad?" Helen walks toward her: "No, he's fine. It's…it's Judith." Joan looks at Adam. Helen: "It's serious."

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