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Friedman exhales sharply and clears his throat: "And at other times, common traits can appear where none were thought to exist." Stevie cocks her shoulder and says, "Bueno." They sink down on the bed. Friedman: "Muy, muy!" Yeah, "yo quiero Taco Bell" to you too. If this is "Spanglish," include me out.

Joan's sitting out on the curb in front of her house. Andy comes walking along with his backpack and notices her as he's heading for their house: "Joan?" He kind of gestures, as if to ask, why the hell are you sitting in the gutter? Joan: "What? I like the curb." Suddenly I'm reminded of that Oscar Wilde quotation: "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." Joan should try that. She adds, "You know, the trickling sewage…" He sits down next to her, and it must be wet, because it looks like it's rained pretty recently. She notes his backpack and wonders if he's going camp. He says he's taking off. He wanted to leave a letter for Kevin. Joan takes it, asking, "He doesn't know you're leaving?" Andy says he's doing that Scared Sober thing at the courthouse. She asks where he's going. He doesn't know yet: "I just need to get away." Joan: "Well, you can't just take off. I mean, Kevin'll help you find a job." Andy says that's not going to happen, that he would just mess up and screw up Kevin's life again. Joan points out he doesn't even know where he's going, and asks where he's going to sleep. Andy: "It doesn't really matter." It will when you get rolled, buddy. Joan launches into parental mode: "Well, it will matter to Kevin. You're not working, you're running away. You're gonna end up on the streets." Andy: "Maybe people need to realize the fact that this is who I am, you know, this is the way my life's turning out." Joan shakes her head very slightly and says, "No. No, this is what you're deciding to do with your life. It's your decision to give up. It's your decision to turn your back on Kevin…just like it's mine to…sit out here and never see the spring." Andy looks at her. Joan: "You know what? I'm not going to do that. We have to decide what's important. That's our decision." She tears Andy's letter into several pieces and hands it to him, saying, "I'm just helping you along." She gets up and walks away, and Andy lets the pieces fall into the stream of sewage. Shades of Grace's poem? "Me, I try to send this note / Float it like a paper boat / But paper sinks and words are weak / I try, but I don't speak." Remember those days? Good times.

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