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The conclusion of the police plot. I can't even dignify this with a summary. If you couldn't see this coming two hundred miles away, you must be in a coma, and I hope you receive medical attention soon.

Kevin's speaking to the DUI teens, making some jokes about being in a wheelchair that most of them have the good grace not to find especially funny. Kevin mentions that they all know how he got in his chair, and Andy's voice says, "He's in there because of me." Everyone turns to look at him at the back of the room. Andy begins narrating the story, saying it was two years ago. Two, two and half, almost three, what's the difference? If this show can't decide when one of the central underpinning events occurred, why should I care? God, it makes me nuts. Andy walks toward the front of the room telling the story that is very familiar to us by now. He perches on the table next to Kevin, describing how much he replays the scene in his mind and wishes he do everything over. He looks at Kevin as he says, "But it's real. And I can't change it. No matter how much I want to run from it…everything's different now." He's a little teary as Kevin nods and pats his shoulder. I imagine half the attendees are about ready to squirm out of their skin by now. Andy sniffles and says to Kevin, like there's no one else in the room, "You shouldn't be helping me, man." I think Andy needs to talk to Lilly about guilt and stuff. Kevin shakes his head and Andy puts his arm on Kevin's shoulder, too. They sit there patting each other's shoulders as Andy repeats, "You shouldn't be helping me." I think one guy is about to put up his hand and ask if he can just serve some time instead.

Helen comes home from grocery shopping to find Joan sitting at the table, toying with the plate of pink cupcakes. Helen tells her she can eat one if she wants. Joan: "Oh. Maybe in a minute. You've been out for a long time." Helen says she just went to the store for milk. Joan says, "Mom…" Helen asks, "What is it?" Joan sighs as she says, "I lied." She confesses that she went to the concert and they slept in his truck. Helen takes that in: "Wow." Man, she's clueless. Joan: "I know." Helen: "And…" Joan: "And it was…tense. And weird. And I wanted to talk to you about it, but I couldn't." Helen says nothing. Joan turns her head toward Helen slightly, wondering where the onslaught is: "Why aren't you mad at me?" Helen sits down next to her: "I will be. What happened?" Okay, she may be clueless, but she's pretty cool, too. Joan: "Well, he wanted to…but I didn't. I don't know why." Helen allows herself a subtle sigh. Joan: "I'm all confused." She laughs weakly. "It -- I -- I don't know what's right, I just…I just know I feel like I've lost everyone." Helen smiles at her daughter: "You haven't lost me." Joan smiles back and then squinches her face up in tears, whispering: "I'm sorry." Helen: "Oh…me too…but…I'm glad you made…your own decision with Adam." Yeah? Would you be all that glad she'd made her own decision if it went the other way? Some U2 song is playing. Don't ask me which one; not a fan. Joan says, "I missed you." They hug, and Helen smiles to herself. Joan: "Am I grounded?" Helen, over Joan's back: "Oh, yeah." Someone knocks at the door. Joan can see Adam on the porch through the kitchen window: "Oh…he's here." She wipes her eye. Helen: "Go talk to him." Joan: "What should I say?" Helen: "You'll know." Joan nods a little and then gets up and walks to the door. The camera lingers on Helen for a bit, sitting at the table smiling and snitching some frosting from a cupcake.

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