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Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy

Will's at home in front of the fireplace, listening to music and making notes. Helen comes along and asks what he's doing. He's making a list of demands. Helen: "Ooh...who we takin' hostage?" Price, I hope. He tells her about the undersheriff job. Helen thinks that's incredible. Will: "I didn't become a cop to make policy. I became a cop to put bad guys in jail." She reminds him he's putting some high-powered ass in jail at the moment. Will: "Yeah, and I lost my entire police department doing it." He says he wants to turn down the job. Helen wants to know what he wants to do instead. Will: "Get back to what I'm good at." She says she wants him to be happy. Will: "But?" She talks about how Kevin's finally adjusting: he's got a job, he joined the basketball team today: "And unless I'm completely nuts, there's a girl." Will: "A girl?" Helen says he's starting to be somewhat vain: "That means there's a girl. For the first time since his accident, he's...chasing after a life." Will smiles: "You're right. Family first." They start to make out, and then the phone rings. Helen says, "Wow, if it's any consolation...I still hear bells when we kiss." Will answers the phone; it's Bear. Then he asks, "Is he all right?" Helen looks up with concern.

Kevin, in a hospital gown with a print on it I'm sure Glynis would like, is being wheeled around a corner as a doctor is telling him that the X-rays show nothing's broken. Kevin wants to know if he can go. Doc wants to keep him for a couple of hours: "That's a hefty hematoma on your hip. Wanna make sure we don't have to drain it." Kevin asks how long that will take. Doctor: "A couple of hours, which is why I said we want to keep you here for a couple of hours. There was a young lady who was asking for you -- I told her to wait with your friend." Kevin says it was probably his sister as the attendant wheels him away. The doctor clears his throat pointedly and says, "I don't think so." Hee.

As they round the corner, we hear Rebecca ask if he's all right. Kevin tries to sit up a little straighter and pulls at his hospital gown, which is halfway up his thighs. Bear's there, too. Kevin's genuinely caught off guard by her presence. He says it was just a little basketball injury. She makes no secret of her relief. Then there's a little awkward pause, and he asks, "So you met The Bear?" He says he actually told her his name (Barry Caldwell, in case you forgot). Kevin wonders how she even knew he was there; Rebecca replies, "I have a source who lets me know if anyone interesting shows up at the hospital." Politicians should remember that the next time they go sniffing around the ER for treatment for STDs. Kevin laughs, surprised: "Why am I interesting?" Wow, the Girardi kids really are short on radar, aren't they? (How ironic for the children of a cop.) Rebecca doesn't know how to reply to that; Bear gives her a sidelong glance, wondering how she'll respond. Kevin, cluing in a bit, quickly supplies an excuse: "Oh, my dad, the police chief..." Rebecca gladly grabs that and runs with it: "Ex-police chief -- rumour has it he's been offered a big job in the Sheriff's Department." Kevin lapses into his usual mode: "So, what, you're here looking for confirmation?" Rebecca's honestly insulted: "No! God, Kevin, I'm here because..." He's giving her a very challenging look. She concludes, "I don't know why I'm here." She turns, and says, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Caldwell."

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