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Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy

The attendant, who's been waiting unbelievably patiently through all this, starts wheeling Kevin into his holding area (it's not really a room so much as an area off a hallway, so far as I can tell) and before Bear can say anything, Kevin tells him, "It's complicated." Bear: "No, it's not. You're an idiot." Frink loves that one. Kevin: "She's my boss. She's...difficult and manipulative and..." Bear: "And she's got a thing for you? And romance scares you to death?" The attendant leaves. Kevin: "I am not afraid." Yeah, Bear buys that: "Like I told you, everywhere you're going, I've already been. If you want some pointers on how guys like us deal with the sex act, I got a few hints." Kevin: "Well, I don't need hints." Bear laughs. Kevin says he's not comfortable with this conversation. Bear tells him it's up to him: "Spend the rest of your life looking at naked women on the internet." Friedman can probably give you some URLs. He wheels off, and Kevin calls out after him, "Hey, I am not afraid to have sex. Hey, I got moves you never even heard of! Okay? There's a list of women a mile long who have no complaints about Kevin Girardi between the sheets!" He looks up at the other entranceway and naturally, his entire family's standing there, dumsquizzled. Ha! Of course you could see it coming and it's sitcommish, but it was well done, and the issue needed to be gotten out there with the whole family. Joan looks more amused than the rest of them. Kevin kind of scrunches up his face and whimpers, "I'm on painkillers." Joan: "I -- I need a beverage." She wanders off as Kevin flops back against the pillow and puts his hands over his face. I can't even tell you how much I'm hoping the show confronts this issue head-on. There's a storyline I haven't seen done to death -- or, you know, hardly at all.

At the vending machines, Joan seems to be struggling with the change machine, and asks the doctor at the next machine, "Excuse me, doctor, could you tell me how to get change?" The doctor replies, "Change comes from within -- but first you have to want to change." Joan's not impressed. She snorts softly and walks over, complaining, "'Death is a dividing line,' 'change comes from within.' What is with your lame fortune-cookie wisdom today?" He says, "It's just a vending machine joke, kid." He takes his candy or whatever and walks away. An attractive redheaded nurse (it's actually not clear whether she's a doctor or nurse, but someone on the forums posted that her credit was as a nurse, so I'm going with that) walks up behind her and says, "You want change? I'm your woman." She and Joan exchange coins and a bill as the nurse says, "You're right to worry about Adam. In his world, suicide is a reality. He's lived with it for three years." Joan looks at her, realizing who it is, and says, "Oh, my God." Nurse God continues, "Some suicides are motivated by rage -- at another human being, or the universe...or me. Others come from a deep sadness; suicide seems the only way of stopping the pain. And then there are those who do not end their mortal lives, but still, they stop living, which is also a kind of suicide." Nurse God glides off, but Joan follows, saying, "Wait...wait, wait, wait. Adam is gonna..." She glances around slightly and lowers her voice: "Kill himself? Why?" Nurse God replies, "Rocky finished well. The -- let's call them ripples -- the ripples Rocky left behind are sad, but good. Adam's mother's ripples are not good." Joan, with a little desperation: "I get that all I can handle without falling over are hints, so maybe, uh, a better hint of what I should do?" Nurse God tells her, "There's more than one way to talk to people who aren't here anymore. There's definitely more than one way to listen. Especially in Adam's case." Joan suggests that God could bring Mrs. Rove back from the dead and make everything all right. Nurse God replies, "Not today. Now, I have to get over to County General and kick some ass there." Possibly not that last part.

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Joan of Arcadia




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