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Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy

Back with Kevin, the doctor is showing Helen and Will some stuff on Kevin's X-rays while Luke quietly seeks Kevin's advice: "Grace wants me to make this stupid rail gun which probably won't even work, anyway, or I can salvage my dignity and work with Friedman." I don't know how Luke could be so confused as to imagine that "dignity" and "working with Friedman" could ever go hand in hand. Kevin smacks him on the chest gently and says, "No contest." Luke agrees, but adds, "Yet...all I see is 'contest.'" Kevin sagely advises him, "Either get over your fear of women, or resign yourself to lookin' at boobs on the internet for the rest of your life." Luke: "Point of order, that's Friedman, not me, and...not everything is about sex." Kevin: "Well, not everything is about science." Hee! How I love this show. Kevin flops back against the pillow. Luke: "This is a new arena for me." Kevin: "I hear ya, brother."

Night time shot of the Girardi house. Luke's in the garage when we hear Grace say, "Hey, geek." I like it better when she calls him Atom Boy. It's The Amazing Adventures of Atom Boy and Skater Grrrl. Luke's rushing around doing stuff as he says, "I was afraid your father wouldn't give you the message." Grace: "Ye-e-e-ah...thanks for leaving a message with my father -- the rabbi -- saying you want to spend the night with me building a gun." Ha! One by one, the Girardi children endear themselves to Rabbi P. Luke says there's a chance they could make a functioning rail gun in time for the Science Fair if they pull an all-nighter: "A real one, not a computer simulation." Grace asks what it will do. Luke: "Most likely nothing. If we're insanely lucky it'll move a steel object a few inches." Now Grace is more interested: "How big a steel object?" Luke walks over to another table and yanks a dropcloth off a motor. Grace: "Ha! A motor! Where did you get that?" Luke smiles a bit and says he got it at a junkyard. Grace: "That is awesome!" She walks over to look at it. Well, he's got high hopes for something he doesn't think is going to work at all. Go big or go home, I guess. Luke: "You heard me -- the most likely outcome is that we'll fail and look like idiots in front of the entire scientific that term applies to Arcadia High." Grace gets right up in his face and says flirtatiously, "So what you're telling me, dog, is there's no down side." Luke smiles to himself as Grace goes to take her leather jacket off. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Glynis wouldn't be staying up all night to make a rail gun.

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