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Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy

Think that the Girardi boat might end up painted yellow?

Kevin's at his desk when Rebecca comes over behind him and bends down, putting one hand in the place where his neck and shoulder meet and the other around his upper arm. She asks, "You okay to work?" He says he is. She smiles, saying, "See? We don't always argue." She starts to walk away when Kevin says, "Rebecca...when we's not about my father." Arms crossed, she asks, "Then why is it his name we're always yelling at each other?" Kevin quietly floats this idea: "It might be...sexual tension." You can tell Rebecca wasn't expecting that. Kevin adds, "Between, uh...between you and me." As she fidgets with her necklace, she says, "I know who it's between." Kevin: "Then you feel it too?" Rebecca, still fiddling with the necklace, emits a string of objections: "I'm your boss...and I'm -- I'm -- I'm older..." She stammers a bit, adding, "We're different races and religions..." Kevin: "And I'm -- I'm crippled..." He smiles and looks back at his desk. She admits, "Yeah, I feel it, too." She gives him a big smile; his face brightens, and he nods at her slightly. She backs away -- into the copier -- and wanders back to her desk. As soon as she's gone, Kevin picks up the phone. I thought he was going to call her at her desk to ask her out, but it's Bear he calls: "So...I'm gonna need some advice and you know what I'm talking about..."

Will's in his office at the police station, cleaning out his stuff, when Roy appears at the door demanding to know, "Why in God's name would you turn down this job?" Will replies, "I knew a better candidate...Deputy Sheriff Roebuck." Hey! Didn't see that coming. Roy corrects him: "That's Undersheriff -- like something from Robin Hood." Well, this town could probably use a dose of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Roy laughs, but adds, "And I'd appreciate a real answer." Will explains, "I turned down the job because I'm better where the rubber meets the road than I am in the office. In fact, you won't find anyone better when it comes to rubber and road." Roy wonders if Will's interested in becoming a detective again. Will: "My wife likes Arcadia. And you're going to need someone to run the detective bureau." Roy asks, "So you get me this job, and in return, I get you that job?" Will demurs: "Roy, you don't...get me that offer it to me. You're the boss." Roy's suddenly all, "Damn right I'm the boss." He tells Will he can't keep his secretary. Will agrees that Roy will need Jeanne. Roy: "This is my office." Dude, chill. You've got the job. Will: "You're the boss." Roy: "You don't need to keep reminding me. I know who's the boss...Detective Girardi." I expect them to jump up and bump chests any minute, but they merely shake hands. Will: "Thank you...Undersheriff Roebuck."

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Joan of Arcadia




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