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Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy

At the Science Fair, "Time" by Chantal Kreviazuk is playing as the students set up their exhibits. Is this in the same room where the art show was, and where Joan destroyed Adam's sculpture? It kind of looks like it. Ms. Lischak gives Luke and Grace a thumbs-up as she watches them rig up their rail gun. She walks over to Adam, who's lost in fiddling with an interesting little piece of metal from someone's display. He's obviously starting to reconnect with his desire to make art from such things. Ms. Lischak takes it from him and puts it back where it's supposed to go, smiling at him and clapping him on the shoulder. Christopher Marquette has beautiful hands, and I know I'm not the only one who's noticed. "Time, where did you go? / Why did you leave me here alone?" She walks past the Van der Graaf generator display of static electricity (you know, the one where you put your hand on the shiny silver thing and your hair sticks up). Joan arrives -- with her hair completely curled all of a sudden. (This is later the same day as the reading of the letter.) She looks pretty, and happy. When she sees Adam, she reaches around the chick with the staticky hair, smiling and holding out her hand to him, and he readily takes it. "Wait, don't go so fast / I'm missing the moments as they pass." A couple of older judge-y-looking guys are applauding the sonoluminescence exhibit. As the camera drifts gently around the room, there's a big model dinosaur, and we see Helen looking around, and she glances over at Joan, who's laughing hysterically about something with Adam. She turns away, leaving them to enjoy each other, smiling to herself. "Now I've looked in the mirror and the world's getting clearer / So wait for me this time..."

Luke and Grace are ready to launch their experiment and Luke hands Grace the switchbox. Aw. Grace doesn't waste any time on jitters; she throws the switch. There's a closeup of the meter; nothing happens. Ms. Lischak looks disappointed for them; Friedman doesn't bother to conceal his smirk. Glynis looks pretty damn smug, too. "I'm down -- I'm down on my knees." Back to the meter: the indicator suddenly whangs to the right, and the lights dim and flicker. "I'm begging for all your sympathy." Suddenly the motor starts to rattle forward; Grace looks questioningly at Luke, who seems to be the only person in the room who grasps the implication of what's happening. He screams, "Get down!" And he is not channelling James Brown. People more or less comply, and Ms. Lischak, whose science training seems to have kicked in, breaks into a slo-mo, Six Million Dollar Man run toward the sonoluminescence display tank, just as the motor really picks up speed and hurtles toward Friedman and Glynis. Friedman, naturally, saves himself, diving out of the way in slo-mo, but Glynis is the proverbial deer in the headlights, frozen in place. Ms. Lischak manages to knock Glynis out of the way just as the motor crashes through the water tank in a fantastic explosion of water and glass. Over by the display on "The Butterfly Effect," Helen, Adam, and Joan are stunned; Adam looks pleasantly surprised, while Joan puts her hand over her mouth.

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