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Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy

There follows a sequence Rube Goldberg would enjoy: the motor hits the dinosaur, which falls over onto a scale, launching a huge container of feathers on the other side into the air, where the beach ball exhibit blows them all over the room, creating a blizzard of white feathers. Luke and Grace rise from behind their exhibit together to take a peek at the damage. "I should've known better / I shouldn't have wasted those days / And afternoons and mornings / I threw them all away." Adam and Joan love it; Joan giggles and bats at the fathers. Grace can't suppress a laugh, and Luke, too, manages to see what's funny about it. Helen walks toward someone with a distressed look on her face; soaked and feathered, Ms. Lischak sits up, followed by Glynis, who looks like a drowned bird. That? Was awesome. If you're going to do something over the top and cheesy, then you'd better bring it. They brought it. Big ups to director Timothy Busfield and the music/sound people. That must have been a hell of a scene to stage, and it was perfectly coordinated with the music. Replay it and listen to the sounds when the motor gets going and all that ensues. Everything about it is just so good. I've watched it umpteen times now and I'm still not tired of it. Also, I sure hope there's going to be a soundtrack album for this show. It's probably the first network show I've ever had that thought about. Also, when can I pre-order DVDs?

Off to the side, Adam and Joan are standing in a endless shower of feathers. "Now this is my time / I'm going to make this moment mine." Joan and Adam look at each other, smiling and enjoying the silliness, but you can't really see much of their eyes or faces; they're both sort of in profile and there's a lot of hair in the way. But for the first time in...ever, they're in exactly the same place, riding a wave of unexpected, desperately needed joy as they lean toward each other in slow motion, and Adam holds his hand ever so gently by Joan's stomach, and there's a dissolve while the camera gets a wee bit closer, and their lips nearly touch, and there's another quick dissolve and a much closer shot, and they're covered in feathers and they're smiling and they're kissing in slow motion and my heart bursts out of my chest just like the motor through the tank of water. "I'll take what you give me / Please know that I'm learning / So wait for me this time."

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Joan of Arcadia




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