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At work, Rebecca comes up to Kevin's desk and plops some files on it, saying, "I need these by 3:00." Kevin, flirtatiously: "Yes, ma'am." She looks slightly embarrassed and says, "Kevin...come on...let's keep work, work." Well, now's a great time to start. How is this not a problem at their office? I don't think much gets past Andy the Pissy Queen, even if everyone else is oblivious. Kevin smiles: "Okay. Work is work." She thanks him and starts to walk away, then comes back with her hands clasped together kind of girlishly and says softly, "But last night was..." Kevin: "Awkward...weird, great...and, uh, no one sprained anything." Rebecca smiles and glances around. He adds, "And it was the first time I ever trusted anyone outside my family to see me without my chair." Rebecca smiles; she seems to understand how much that means. Kevin smiles back. Aw.

Art class. Helen approaches Adam and Iris, who are intimately huddled together over their paints, chatting. Time for some maternal meddling. Helen asks how it's going, and compliments Adam on his work. He says he just got started. To Iris, she says, "You like working in this medium." It almost seems to be a question, but not quite. Iris: "Yeah, a lot." Helen: " that medium?" Iris: "Just, you know, mixed media." Helen: "Well, usually mixed media entails some kind of texture. You've got, um, what is it -- magazine photos?" Adam: "Chah, it's cool." Helen: "Yeah, I know, I'm just saying...there's usually texture." As far as I can tell -- it's not shown clearly -- Iris is gluing magazine photos onto a piece of wood. She says, "Um...the wood is textured..." Helen gently but carefully slides the knife in a little deeper: "And...that's the shade of green you're going to go with?" Adam's watching all this, wondering what's going on. Iris asks, "Is there a problem, Mrs. Girardi?" Helen realizes she needs to back off and says, "No, no. No. No problem. Just...carry on." Adam and Iris both seem slightly puzzled, though I suspect Iris has a better idea what that was all about. I guess that's understandable from a mom, but it's really unacceptable from a teacher and Helen's going to have to learn how to check the mom thing at door.

Joan's walking outside the school when she runs into some scruffy old guy walking about half a dozen large dogs, and gets tangled up in his leashes. You just know this is going to be an avatar. Dog Walker God is played by Amber Tamblyn's father, Russ Tamblyn. Perhaps I should call him "God the Father," but I think that'll be too confusing down the road. (Too bad I can't figure out a palindromic version of "Dog Walker God.") Note that he has a large button on his vest that reads "I Love Everybody." I have a postcard that's very similar to that, only mine says, "I Hate Everybody." Joan tries to untangle herself as she asks, "Do you mind? I'm late." Dog Walker God says, "Not much I can do. It's their nature, Joan." She seems unusually surprised and asks, "Why does Adam have to go to the concert with Iris?" Dog Walker God says Adam doesn't have to; he wants to. Joan: "Only because you made me cancel!" He replies, "I work in mysterious ways, Joan. It's,'s my thing." Hee. Joan: "So, maybe you could do something mysterious from [sic] stopping her from going." Joan suggests a twisted ankle or appendicitis: "Or a big zit...on her lip, huh? Think of it as payback for all the work that I've done for you!" Yeah, God's hardly done anything for you. He asks, "Don't you think that there might be some things that are more important than this date?" Joan: "Like?" Dog Walker God: "Like I suggest that you keep working with those kids." Joan: "You suggest. You suggest. Like I'm not going to do what God suggests!" As he gets the dogs under control and starts walking away, Joan asks, "And why am I working with them?" He says, "Sorry -- they gotta go!" Joan shouts after him, "I hope they pee on you!"

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