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Boiling Point

Will's standing before his boss, saying, "You might not believe it...but I never would have pulled that trigger, Roy." Roy says they've been through this. Will: "I know. It's just important to me that you know that." Roy says it doesn't change anything. Will: "I'm not done yet. The other night...I said things to my wife...I wasn't me. And I think maybe...I think you made the right call. I think I'd like to someone about what's been going on." Roy nods. Will leaves quietly.

Joan's hanging up a colourful piñata, praising the kids for the job they'd done. It's...definitely a thing, made out of stuff. It kind of looks like they've covered a cardboard box with lots of paper and decorations, rather than making a form out of papier-mâché. The kids are impatient, but finally she's ready for them and tells them to get in line: "So you can all smash your artwork." Heh. She tells Pee Boy, whose name is George, to go first. He starts whacking at it with a stick. He takes several whacks. Frink and I are puzzled: we thought the point of the game was that everyone got just one whack, and you had to keep taking turns, and you whack as hard as possible in order to get to the goodies sooner. And the person who manages to finally spill its guts has first pick of what's inside, or something like that. Isn't that the deal? Whatever. She tells the next kid it's his turn. He's whacking the piñata while everyone cheers him on. They're all having a great time. Iris arrives, and after staring for a moment, she screeches, "Stop! Stop it!" Joan looks at her and says, "Don't be such a drag! We're just having a little fun." Iris, face contorted, reacts as if Joan had said they're just having a little disembowelling. "Fun? Swinging around a stick and beating things? My father thought it was fun, too. Just a little fun. Beating us with a stick, just like this. First my mother, and then..." She trails off, unable to continue. Joan's stunned. The kids look confused and sad and guilty. Iris cries, "Why would you do this?" She walks out, dropping the stick. Joan looks around at the kids, tears in her eyes. She catches sight of Little Girl God and says, "You're in charge until I get back!" Hee. Little Girl God spreads her hands in a brief yet beatific gesture of agreement, and nods. Little Girl God, by the way, is wearing a pink, orange, and red striped outfit. I guess when you're God you don't have to be afraid of the What Not To Wear-type people.

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