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Luke's doing homework at the kitchen table when Kevin wheels in and turns around to face him. Luke doesn't react or look up. Kevin leans on the table and says, "I've been thinking, uh, about what you said." He kind of taps Luke's hand as he does it. Man, that's annoying. It's hard to believe Luke hasn't blown before this. Luke says he has to study. Kevin makes a "Well, I want to talk" kind of face and closes Luke's book and moves it aside. Dude, stop it. No wonder Luke's pissed off. Kevin must have been ten times more aggravating before his accident. Luke just keeps staring straight ahead at the table. Kevin says, "It's not your fault. I was an ass..." Luke glances at Kevin. Kevin continues, "And not having legs doesn't make me any less of one now." Luke: "That doesn't excuse me from thinking what I did." Kevin: "Yeah, it does." Luke seems unsure. Kevin thinks: "Doesn't it?" Luke just stares at him. Kevin gently puts Luke's book back in front of him and wheels out.

It's later the same night as Iris's blow-up; the group session is ending and kids are being picked up by their mothers. Joan is on her way into the hall when she sees Adam ambling toward her. They're both surprised to see each other. They stand on opposite sides of the doorway as people continue leaving. She asks, "What are you doing here?" He says, "Uh...meeting Iris." Joan seems vaguely disappointed, and says Iris is still inside. Adam says, "If I'da known you woulda been out here, I wouldn't have..." Joan, wake up -- look how cute and sweet he is. He starts to go into the classroom (which from the sign on the wall I can see is the Multi-Purpose Room), and Joan says, "Adam...I was a real jerk to you." Adam looks uncomfortable and says, "Uh, no, you don't have to..." Joan barely shakes her head as if his objections are pointless. He admits, "And I kinda rubbed this whole thing with Iris in your face." Joan smiles and looks away and says, "Yeah, a little." She tries to look away as Adam asks, "'s this gonna work?" She replies, "I guess we'll have to see." Adam: "So, you're -- you're okay with me and Iris?" Joan attempts a smile and says, "I have to be." Adam can tell she's not. But what good does that do him? Why are girls so confusing? I don't know, Adam. I've been one for almost thirty-nine years now and there are days when I just haven't got anything useful for you. Iris comes out and says, "Hey," to Adam, slipping her hand into his. Ouch. That hurts. Joan gets a good look at their clasped hands, too. Little Girl God appears behind Iris, who asks, "Hey...who are you?" Little Girl God looks at Joan for an explanation. Man, if you'd think anyone would have a good cover story ready, it would be God. Joan hesitates and says, "She's new. I know her mother's okay, you guys can go." Iris says good night and off she goes with Adam, hand in hand.

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Joan of Arcadia




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