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Once they're gone, Helen tells Will that Luke overslept again. Will: "Maybe our genius is morphing into a teenager." Helen moans, "Not another one..." Will: "I wanted to stop at two." They just smile warmly at each other. Well. That's pretty interesting. Given that, and the fact that Joan and Luke are only a year apart, I guess we can assume Luke was unplanned. One gets the sense Luke's figured that out, too. I think kids always sort of know that stuff. And then, add to that the whole "ignored and overlooked" complex, mix in the usual adolescent angst and turmoil, and frankly I think it's amazing Luke's as good a kid as he is. They should be counting their lucky stars.

Joan and Adam walk into school together, arm in arm. As they come around the corner, her head's even on his shoulder. That's pretty cozy. Grace is catching up behind them. She looks to be in her usual mood. Adam's saying, "I called, like, four thousand times, yo..." Joan: "And?" Adam: "My fingers were bleeding from dialing, so..." Joan: "Adam, did you get the tickets or not?" He reaches into his pocket and says, "Thursday night...chah, Jane! Look!" She squeals: "Aaah! Rove! You rock!" Adam: "White Stripes, Hogan County Forum!" Grace: "Go ahead, hand over to the corporate conglomerate. Buy t-shirts, too." Joan groans, "Oh, do you even listen to music?" Grace: "Nothing legal." Heh. Every time I think I couldn't love Grace more, someone happily proves me wrong. She adds, "Only a corrupt oligarchical system would make you pay for art." Joan: "Whatever. Jack White is hot." Adam: "So's his sister." Joan: "Girlfriend." Adam: "It's unresolved." Joan starts to argue, but Grace complains, "Going catatonic here!" She strides off, pissed, past a large colourful poster that says, "Volunteer 2 work with kids." Do not use numbers for letters or words. No, just don't do it. I don't care what your excuse is. There's a girl (Misti Traya) standing next to the poster. Joan mutters, "That's subtle."

Joan walks up to the girl and says hi. The girl says hi back. Frink and I cringe at the sound of her voice. It''s...gadzooks, it's not good, people. I knew this was the girl who was going to come between Adam and Joan and naturally, I'm not predisposed to like her or anything, but I was willing to make the effort. I really was. Until she opened her mouth. It's variously nasal and squeaky and babyish and those are all things I cannot really stand -- at least not in anyone who's not Betty Boop. I hope she's not around for the long haul. I make a policy of not hating on people for things they can't control -- eye colour, height, et cetera -- but voice is one of those grey areas. And I'm already trying to deal with Glynis's voice. One per show is enough. Anyway, she's kind of short, has longish straight dark hair parted slightly off-centre, and is wearing a black leather jacket. She's pretty enough, I guess. I don't think she holds a candle to Joan, though. Before Joan can say any more, Adam notices some jewellery she's wearing and says, "That's a cool pin, yo." The girl says sheepishly, "It's, um...four hangers crushed and soldered together." Adam: "Did you do it?" She says she did. Joan: "Right. Neat-o. Hi, I'm Joan." The girl says her name's Iris. Joan says, "Well, I'm here to work with kids." Iris gives her a form to fill out. Joan starts doing so while Adam asks, "Are you in fifth period art?" She is. Adam: "I never noticed." Iris: "I know." They smile shyly at each other while Joan gives them the stink-eye.

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