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Kevin and Bear are meeting at the Quality Café (same place Will was rewarded with free pie after blowing the whistle on every big municipal muckety-muck around). I guess Bear has decided to take his nickname literally, because he's all hair, between the huge sweep of head hair and all the bushy facial hair. I think dude needs to look into a trim. Kevin whispers that he's got a date with Rebecca: "It's an" Bear whispers, "Yes, I've heard of the concept." Okay, so all of sudden Kevin's figured out who he is? Actually, the scuttlebutt around the forums is that for some reason they switched the order of some episodes and this one was originally supposed to appear before the previous one. I don't actually know what the story is, but I know that things have seemed slightly off for the last couple of episodes and if it's true that they switched them around, it was not a completely successful or transparent move. Kevin says he can't chicken out anymore: "I'm on the tarmac, tower's giving me the thumbs up..." He wants the details. Bear wants to know why they're whispering and why they're speaking in code. Kevin looks embarrassed and says, "You know why." Bear: "So you want The Gimp Eye for the Straight Guy?" Ha! Kevin asks what it's like. Bear compares it to the proverbial blind man whose other senses improve after the loss of vision: "You'll be aware of sensations you never paid much attention to before. Skin. You have 19,000 sensory cells per square inch." Kevin nods, inhales, and almost seems to shiver. Bear: "If you like her, it can still be great, but it's more about her, and taking pleasure in her pleasure." I mention to Frink that I can remember the day -- not really all that long ago -- when that sort of sentiment wouldn't be on CBS at 8:15 PM. Frink: "It's a far cry from Three's Company." Kevin nods again, uncharacteristically bereft of comic commentary. Bear: "Just give a wave to the tower, get your wheels up, and enjoy the ride." They laugh about that, but Kevin still looks anxious as he sips his coffee.

Art class. Adam and Iris are sitting next to each other. I pretend not to see. Helen talks about dynamic art, saying it's about one thing: "Emotional honesty." Adam says that's two things.'s really not. Helen smiles endearingly and says, "Right." She says her approach is not to critique or denigrate art but to encourage it: "Every form of expression is fair game -- the rougher, the better." Iris raises her hand to ask, "So it's okay to suck as long as we mean it?" The class titters. Adam's looking at her too fondly. Stop it. Helen smiles and says, "Something like that." Iris looks a little too pleased with herself. Helen wants them to start critiquing a portrait of someone with green skin. It's ever so vaguely -- and I mean vaguely -- Cubist, with very lame lines all around it, the kind of lines I think of as "New and Improved" rays. (In case it's not obvious: I'm here to denigrate art, when the need arises.) Helen wants everyone to say something positive about it. She starts with Adam. You can tell he's not bowled over. He thinks and says, "It's bold." Mild tittering. Iris kind of smirks at Helen.

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