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Toni and Will are at the crack house, which is just as disgusting as you'd imagine: graffiti, rotting food, garbage, et cetera. Toni holds up a plate and asks Will what he thinks it was. Will: "Avocado?" Toni: "So, we're making guacamole, we're cooking up some rock..." ["Sounds like Valentine's Day at my house. (I'm here all week, folks.)" -- Sars] Will says he never gets invited to those parties. Toni asks casually if he and Roebuck are going to be okay. Will says it's a time of transition. Toni reminds him that Roy's on his side. Will knows. Toni adds, "We all are." Then she asks, "You didn't take any time off, did you?" Will says he went to a spa. Yeah, where you got into a brawl. Very restorative. Toni knows that was just for a weekend, and points out that guys get two weeks off just for pulling their weapons: "And after what you went through..." Will wheels around, suddenly angry: "You think I'm a uniform? Is that what you think?" Toni's too surprised to say anything. Will realizes he's being too harsh and tells her, "Just leave it." He starts pawing through some shelves when suddenly there's a small crashing noise behind them. He whirls around, weapon drawn. Toni says, "Hold your fire, Will." He's not firing, but he's practically frozen in place. Toni: "Will? Will, put your weapon down!" Will just keeps staring ahead, and finally lowers his arm. We see the cause of a the noise: a little girl, maybe about three or four. Toni goes over to her while Will pants, realizing he's closer to the edge than he thought.

During the commercial, Frink, who's really vague on TV scheduling (he can be, because I can't), casually wonders aloud, "So when does the season wrap up?" He's taken aback by my abrupt "Too soon! Don't talk about it!" There are only seven more episodes. Joan and Adam don't have to be engaged by May or anything, but Iris had better be gone soon.

Will and Toni are in Roy's office. I guess she busted him to their boss. Will, naturally, is refusing to accept help or see a shrink because of this. Roy: "You've had a lot dumped on you lately, Will: you've been taken hostage, your kid's accident..." Will: "No, don't go there. Don't bring my family into this." Roy says it all contributes to how he acts on the job: "I can't have you jeopardizing people's lives because of issues you're not dealing with." Will turns to Toni: "Jump in any time, partner." She agrees with Roy. Will: "Nice. Let's all pile on Girardi." Toni says he pulled his weapon on a four-year-old holding a doll. Well, to be fair -- he was in a crack house in a rough neighbourhood, and he heard a loud noise. Shouldn't he have reacted with something more than mild curiosity? I think the greater problem is that it took him so long, after seeing it was just a little girl, to pull himself together. Will says he's apologized to the girl's family, and it was a natural reaction to a loud noise. Roy insists they're trying to help him: "Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome..." Will interrupts: "I've been a cop for twenty-eight years! I never used my gun unless it was called for, never hurt anybody unless it was called for! I would never have hurt that little girl!" Roy says he can't take the risk, and orders Will into counselling. Will: "I gave you this job, if I remember." Roy: "And I'm doing it." Will: "I'm not gonna have my record screwed up because you want to brand me some mental case!" Toni says that's not what they're saying. Will puts his gun and badge on Roy's desk and says, "You can suspend me with pay pending an investigation. That way, at least I can keep a shred of dignity!" He storms out. Toni and Roy kinda shrug at each other.

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