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The next shot is Kevin being helped up the stairs in a sort of wheelbarrow fashion: he's on his hands and Rebecca's carrying his legs. They collapse at the top of the stairs, out of breath. Kevin remarks, "You're in good shape." She replies, "You can't make fun of my Pilates classes anymore." Seriously. I just started taking them, and they'll kick your abs. Rebecca flings herself on top of Kevin and moves in for a kiss. Kevin turns his face away, to Rebecca's confusion. Then he flips the two of them over so that he's on top. Between this and the punching, he's not my favourite guy in the show, I have to say. Rebecca giggles a bit and they start making out.

Helen's in the kitchen alone, waiting. Will comes home and says hi. Helen: "It's so late. I was worried. I called your cell." Will says he's sorry: "I was walking. Lost track of time." She comes over and kisses him. Surprised, she asks, "Have you been smoking?" He admits to a couple of cigarettes and then adds, "I'm an adult, Helen. I can have a couple of cigarettes if I want." Helen can see he's not himself, and asks, "What is it, Will?" He pauses and then says, "I hate being a cop, that's what it is. I've wasted my whole damn life at a job where I'm despised and shot at, just so I can sit at the kitchen table with a pile of bills that we don't know how the hell we're going to pay." Helen replies calmly, "I don't know what happened today but you know that isn't true." Will: "So now you know how I feel? Now you know what's inside of me?" Helen: "Hey! I'm not the enemy here. But if you don't want to tell me what's going on..." Will tells her he surrendered his gun and badge today: "They wanted me to go into counselling for pulling my gun on some little kid and get labelled a nutjob." Helen: "What?" He says it was a reasonable reaction under the circumstances: "I wouldn't have fired! I didn't fire!" Helen: "Wait -- when did this happen? Why didn't you mention it?" Will: "A couple of days ago. Why should I have mentioned it?" He takes a swig of beer. Helen's pretty disturbed: "Because this is something you would tell me, and if you didn't --" Will: "What? You sound like them now. You think there's something wrong with me too, Helen?" She says he's not acting very reasonably right now: "And if -- if this is what they see at work..." Will snaps, "Why the hell did I even bother to come back here tonight? It's obviously too much to expect a little support from my wife!" Helen is really upset: "What a hateful thing to say." He gets up and bitches, "You've got your little art class now. Don't have time for a husband!" He grabs his coat as she says, "Hey, I don't know what you think my job as a wife is, but it's sure as hell not to agree with you just to make your life a little easier." Thank God. Because otherwise I'd have to pretend that I don't think Star Trek and its many generations are a colossal bore, and I'm just not that good an actor. Oops -- sorry. The fight. Helen: "Not if you have a problem we have to deal with." Will sneers, "My only problem now is you and this damn family that's suffocating me!" He storms out. Whoa. (Frink wants to second that "Whoa.") Helen's hurt and baffled.

Joan's at her locker when Adam spots her and does this oddly frisky little jog up to her and says, "Hey, Jane." When she sees him, she smiles (a cool, almost fake smile) and says, "Hey! How's it going?" I can't really hear if Adam says anything, but after a moment, Joan slams her locker and demands, "How could you ask Iris to the concert without even telling me?" Adam: "The only two people I know in this stupid school are you and don't want to go with me --" Joan: "I can't go!" Adam: "And Grace has political issues with White Stripes. What, you want me to go alone?" Joan says she doesn't: "It's just...why don't you ask Friedman? Or Luke?" Friedman? Friedman? Face it, Joan. You must be in love with him, or you wouldn't see Friedman as preferable to Iris. Adam: "So you don't want me to go on a date, unless it's with you, but if I ask you out on a date -- a real date -- you wouldn't go." Yeah, I'd say you've pretty much got it. Joan claims, "That is absolutely untrue." Adam: "Which part?" Joan shrugs: "Of course I...want you to go on...dates...I mean, why wouldn't I?" Adam: "I don't know." Because you're her lobster? She'd better realize it soon, though. He starts walking away. Joan runs after him to say, "It's just this Iris...we don't know anything about her!" Adam says, "She lives alone with her mom, she's an amazing painter, and she likes these, uh, weird French movies that were made, like, fifty years ago." Oh, so what? La-di-freaking-da. Joan's with me: "Yeah, yeah, but she could be a total psycho. I mean, she wears mangled hangers as jewellery!" Adam is confused, as usual: "Why are you doing this? I like her, Jane...a lot." He walks away. Joan stands there, absorbing how badly she handled that.

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